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Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw

26 Feb 2007 #1
hi can any one recomend a good school to learn polish in Warsaw but not too expensive or do the state provide any free courses dont think so but hope so in some European countries the state give free leassons .
Tlum 10 | 150
26 Feb 2007 #2
Don't know if they are good, but you may check
Tlum 10 | 150
26 Feb 2007 #3
Another Polish course in Warsaw:
Michal - | 1,865
3 Mar 2007 #4
There is a very good little course of Polish produced a long time ago called Mowimi po Polsku. It was written in the 1960's and there was a set of records with it. I would strongly recommend it if you can get hold of a copy. I would think that it might be out of print now. The Berlitz travel guids are very good for information on the country and give an excellent vocabulary. you could learn a chapter per week and set yourself a target but it is not worth paying for lessons. I would never pay for language lessons. Po prostu nie warto. Rob wszysko sam!
7 Aug 2008 #5
You can study Polish with that school as well: Centre for Polish Studies:
17 Jun 2009 #6
or you can take private lessons. I do recommend a pretty good teacher - Magda. She's a very nice and helpful person. Her e-mail: english_polish@yahoo
vndunne 43 | 279
18 Jun 2009 #7
Hi. Not sure how cheap you are looking for but you might check out They have intensive courses which can get you started off. While the price per course may seem a bit high, the hourly rate works out quite cheap.

Good luck.
Magdallena84 - | 1
5 Jul 2009 #8
ooops, I made a mistake, a right e mail address to my Polish teacher is

Chris77 2 | 22
6 Jul 2009 #9

So how come this doesn't show up as a link straight away?
12 Jul 2009 #10
Been mentioned before on this forum, but Ready Steady Polish in Warsaw is a new school but very good as it is run by Brits with native Polish teachers, very good customer service and friendly approach to teaching. I have been with them for a month. They teach over Skype as well.


It is a difficult language, got to say, but one must keep going and try to use it in their daily life.
Amy - | 2
21 Oct 2009 #11
The Centre for Polish studies has some discounts at the moment, you should check!
vndunne 43 | 279
22 Oct 2009 #12
Hhmm...some of those courses in the Centre for Polish studies look interesting..!! Must check them out in the new year.
learn polish - | 46
23 Oct 2009 #13

Is that a New Year's resolution? ;)


Yeah, cause the Centre's launching a new course in less than 2 weeks from now, and they're giving some huge "last minute" discounts on it (15%, the website says).
former sudent
29 Jun 2010 #14
Good luck with your Polish :) I started with this school, here is their website learn-polish-in-poland.
Mind you that was 8 years ago :)
sobieski 107 | 2,128
29 Jun 2010 #15
I did Polish at IKO years ago. It was good, but as in all schools I guess it depends on the teachers how effective the course is.
don ifty - | 3
7 Jan 2011 #16
are there cheap polish lessons available in krakow? i will inshallah (god-willing) travel there in future after my 1st time in may, itr will be useful for me (also so i can improve my polish with my polish friends where i live)
learn polish - | 46
11 Jan 2011 #17
I know one good and not expensive teacher in Krakow. She is a friend of my teacher. Her number is 601 593 217 - Joanna.

Good luck :)
11 Jan 2011 #18
Her number is --- ---- --- - Joanna.

Good work, @learnpolish. Are you completely unaware of other people's rights to privacy? In future send these things via PM, that is the way these things are done.

And while you are about it, in future send your mailshots by BC, not CC as you no doubt do currently.

Honestly, basic literacy in matters of online conduct can't be that much to ask, can it?
20 Feb 2012 #19
Hallo, I'm Asia and i'd be happy to help anyone with learning Polish. Please check my Polish learning blog and let me know what topics are you interested in:
newtownsam 1 | 6
21 Mar 2012 #20
hi assia,jestem patrick,i am trying to learn polish here in dublin,, i am finding it very difficult ,at the moment i am trying to work out one of the cases, genetive,mabye you could explain for me the noun endings for singular masculine,, a and u,,im okay with the adjective ego,, im just trying to figure out when i have to use a or u , i do know its with negation, thanks patrick
29 Apr 2012 #21
[Moved from]: Fun, social Polish courses

I am looking to learn Polish in Warsaw from September (for around 1 year). I am looking for a school which is quite social and you are able to meet a lot of people... since I will know no one in Warsaw it would be nice.

Any recommendations?
Letizia - | 4
23 May 2012 #22

if you look for a school like that, check this one: They have also fun page on facebook (Pff & foreigners in Warsaw) where they announce some events etc.
19 Jun 2012 #23
Hello everybody!
I'm a very experienced tutor, willing to help at any level. It's not only the language we'll learn, it's also the polish culture and habits. Everything that would make your stay in Poland the best time of your life.

I'm studying Polish Philology on the University of Warsaw.
I've been working with foreigners for 4 years.
contact me - jacynko( at )gmail
Kasia :)
21 Jan 2013 #24
Lexis school in Warsaw
Polish language for beginners -join us NOW!

Polish Language courses in LEXIS are held twice a week, 2 lessons per day (4 per week). Lessons are held in mini groups (4-8 persons). The Polish course lasts for 2 semesters, each semester lasts 120 lessons. Lessons are carried out by highly qualified teachers. Price for one semester is PLN 840

tel: 22 625 53 86
5 Apr 2013 #25
Can anyone tell me where I could find a private teacher that teaches Polish in Warsaw? I want to take some personal lessons, and I would rather not go to a company.. but have a tutor.. Is there a website where I could find a private teacher?
Polish 4 U - | 1
21 Oct 2013 #26
check: Polish4U
We offer You the best way to learn Polish language!
Is it true that Polish is difficult?
No it is not difficult, it is challenging and as one of my students said "it is language for intelligent people".
21 Aug 2014 #27
Hello everyone!

If you are looking for polish for foreigners course in Warsaw, College of foreign languages LEXIS is the best choice!
Teachers are high-qualified and the groups are small (5-8 people). The cost of one semester is 840,00 PLN per 60 lessons.
Meetings are held twice a week 2x45min per one meeting. Students can also participate in classes online!
6 Jan 2015 #28
Check Blackbird Academy at Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Warsaw. Very good school.
Adi - | 12
17 Jan 2015 #29
Free online courses:
19 Jan 2015 #30
FROG language school on Mazowiecka 12.24 offers one semester for 500zl (including coursebook). Super-central, bright modern facilities and normal-sized classes (last semester there were only 4 in my class!!), 2 lessons a week, fun young teachers. Total bargain...what I've heard is that the low price is only possible due to the school being co-funded by EU grants and subsidies. Whatever the reason, I'm a fan!

I can't give their website on this forum due to anti-spam rules but you'll find it if you google:
Fundacja Rozwoju Oprócz Granic Mazowiecka 12 24

Or you can phone their office during weekday working hours on: (+48) 22 403 78 72

They also teach Russian and English, though as far as I know the English classes aren't taught by native speakers (Polish and Russian courses are, however).

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