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Looking for good bilingual (Polish/English) primary school in Warsaw

UK72 1 | 3
24 Jun 2015 #1
Looking for bilingual (Polish/English) primary school in Warsaw. My daughter is 7 years old and is bilingual. We would like to spent 2 years in Poland in order to improve her Polish. I am am looking for a small friendly place around Wilanow.
29 Jun 2015 #2
Try the American school, although prices there are quite high... But it is near to Willanow, so transportation wouldnt be an issue here... Lots of Brits are living in that region... Good luck
nabinchan - | 2
21 Mar 2017 #3

international schools for children in Warsaw

I'm Korean and have two sons, 7 and 11 yrs old respectively. My family is going to go Warsaw in near future.
Could you recommend some international school for my boys? They doesn't know English at all but nor do Polish.
nabinchan - | 2
21 Mar 2017 #4
I contacted the Canadian School Warsaw yesterday and got the reply saying 'there is no available place for the coming semester this year'.
jon357 74 | 22,051
21 Mar 2017 #5
These sites may be useful to you:

Some are for senior schools only, but if you contact them, they may be able to recommend a good primary school that they have received pupils from.
5 Oct 2017 #6


HELLO, we are moving to Poland. Both our children go to British schools (CoE) and speak both Polish and English fluently. We are looking at bilingual schools in Warsaw and we are strongly considering Multischool. Can anyone share their opinion on this one or other bilingual, please? what about British school of Wilanów? please advise. thank you
Lyzko 45 | 9,417
7 Oct 2017 #7
Make sure, if you can, that the teachers who instruct in Polish and/or English are ideally native to the language in which they are teaching, particularly Polish:-)

An authentic bilingual "native speaker" would of course be optimal, but such beings are rare as jewels, trust me!
5 Mar 2018 #8
could you find the blilingschooh for you childs warsaw. could you recommend a primary school for son is 10 years old and he is chinese .

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