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Is Gdansk the best place to study?

11 Sep 2010 #1

I'm going to study med in Gdansk by socrates program. Can anyone tell me something more about this place? Do you know any places, where the food is delicious, where you can spend free time?

13 Sep 2010 #2
If you like to party, visit student clubs like Kwadratowa, they are cheap and usually full of crazy people.
For more fancy partying, forget about Gdansk and come to Sopot. There's plenty of clubs there, but it all depends on your music taste.

For eating Polish food- try Dobra Kuchnia in Sopot, it's right near the main street Monte Cassino, very clean and tasty, the best restaurant I've seen in Tricity. There's also Manekin near University of Gdansk, with very nice pancakes.

If you have some other questions, I could try to help you, since I'm studying in Sopot for 1 year and managed to get to know this place.

I hope you have fun here! :)
OP Joseph20
15 Sep 2010 #3
Oh, that's great. How about traffic? Can I get everywhere I want?

And is it true that Gdansk has great party called juwenalie? I have seen some crazy pictures :)

Paulina 16 | 4,479
15 Sep 2010 #4
And is it true that Gdansk has great party called juwenalie?

Juwenalia are celebrated in every Polish city with a university, Gdańsk included :):

I have seen some crazy pictures :)

Yeah, Juwenalia can be pretty crazy ;)
OP Joseph20
19 Sep 2010 #5
Oh, I love Polish tradition :) I'm looking forward to see Gdansk and students from this city
7 Oct 2010 #6
Moreover, there is also sth spiritual about the city :P. the think is called GDN waves - if you're interested, have a look at youtube - pretty funny.
OP Joseph20
8 Oct 2010 #7
You're right. I see people from Gdansk know how to be funny.
Soon I'll check this out :)
8 Oct 2010 #8
Sopot and Gdańsk are the most beautiful cities!
And where are you from Joseph? :)
9 Oct 2010 #9
@Joseph: hopefully you'll find it both funny and useful :). And as for Gdansk or Sopot or Gdynia - this is where I would like to live if I didn't live where I do now ;)

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