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Go on ERASMUS in Warsawa or Krakow?

someone0770 1 | -
25 Jan 2012 #1
Hello people!
I am from Croatia and I am going on erasmus in winter semestar 2012./2013. and I chose Poland but I havent still decided where shuold I go - on University of Warsawa or Jagiellonisan University in Krakow? Main criteria would be prices, people, city,nightlife? Thank you :))
phtoa 9 | 236
25 Jan 2012 #2
I haven't been to Warsaw yet, but from what ive heard it can be quiet more expensive up there compared to Krakow. And people here are very friendly, speaks good english, BEAUTIFUL girls!

And the nightlife is amazing! You have so many bars and clubs, there is something for every taste.
Alligator - | 261
25 Jan 2012 #3
Both cities are equaly attractive. Prices would be probably comparable (these are big cities so prices would be higher than in other places in Poland), most students would speak english and you wouldn't have problems with making friends. Nightlife in both cities is very energetic. Main difference is that Cracow have more historical sites (going back to middle ages). Anyway each city is very interesting and you just can't choose wrong:)
TheAmy - | 1
15 Mar 2012 #4
Definately Kraków!
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
16 Mar 2012 #5
Krakow is number 1 , it is a students' city and has everything to offer to students from all over the world from Culture to Leisure.
fringxx - | 30
16 Mar 2012 #6
As I'm studying in Warsaw, I can honestly recommend chosing the current capital instead of Cracow. It's a perfect city for students with excellent nightlife and it offers more possibilities to my mind. There are many Erasmus students here, so the environment is perfect. :) But I'm not saying that Cracow is a wrong choice, I would just go for Warsaw if I were you. ;) I guess you would be glad with both options.

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