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A Cooking school or institute in Warsaw?

sunhp 4 | 23
8 Apr 2011 #1
Anybody know the cooking training school or institute in Warsaw. (english or Polish)
sobieski 107 | 2,128
8 Apr 2011 #2

"The Academy was established in 2002. It is a place for both professionals and amateurs alike, who wish to train their culinary skills".
iLikePiwo 1 | 7
19 Dec 2011 #3
Merged: Cooking classes/lessons? (Warsaw)

I'd love to give my wife some cooking lessons. Not because she can't cook well, but because she likes to try new recipes and gourmet stuff. Anyone know of any classes in Warsaw?
pspgmr6 - | 9
11 Jan 2012 #4
check this site:

They have programs for wife have attended their sushi-making class
11 Jan 2012 #5
Try the Kurt Scheller Academy.

I haven't been myself but everybody I know who has been says it is superb. I do know from personal experience that Kurt is a superb chef, very possibly the best in Poland.
27 Feb 2012 #6
hi i'm an italian girl living in warsaw with my husband, i organize italian cooking lessons for few people in my home! if u are interested mail me, the courses are divided in 2 levels, beginners and advanced for any questions i will be pleased to reply you by mail.
Coompel - | 1
27 Jan 2014 #7
I've been to this great cooking class - the chef is young, but has a lot of knowledge about cuisine, history and culture. He's a passionate who left banking career to teach cooking and, my god, he is good...

I was afraid at first, because it was very cheap (129 zloty, while other courses cost hundrets of euros), but the quality and quantity of the food was just great (I guest he dosen't care about the money that much).

If you chose a cooking class in Warsaw, this MUST be it ;)
27 Jan 2014 #8
I was afraid at first, because it was very cheap (129 zloty, while other courses cost hundrets of euros),

Thanks for the link, it looks interesting. However, you might want to note that the course is actually 159zl for four hours and the the Kurt Scheller Academy one-day courses start at 255 zloty (for the courses with Kurt himself). I guess that the course you went on must have gone up in price since you went on it and the other courses must have dramatically dropped in price.
3 Jul 2017 #9

I am Looking for a bachlor's degree in culinary artcan uplease help me out.. this is my email adresses zakir.hussain.mughal@hotmail
29 Dec 2018 #10
Hi, what are the reputed schools / universities which offer chef courses/degrees/diplomas in English medium for international students?

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