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Considering MD program at Polish University (2019/2020 School Year)

Jaroslaw777 1 | 1
17 Aug 2018 #1

I'm a Canadian considering MD English program for my daughter at a Polish university, for 2019\2020 school year. She has completed a 4 year undergraduate bachelors degree in medical science at a Western University of Ontario.

I would very much appreciate some answers for questions I have:
- How good are the prospects after graduating from an English MB Program in Poland to get accepted into medical residency in Canada, USA, or UK?

- Are there additional exams, courses, or anything else needed before residency can be attained in those countries?
- Is there any known disadvantage for someone who graduated from a Polish MD program compared to someone who has graduated from a similar program in Canada, USA, or UK?

- One of my concerns is that my daughter will need to learn Polish to complete any clinical work that would be required in the program.

If would be helpful if the answers are based on factual knowledge or actual experience and no so much on just an opinion.

Thank you to all in advance.
aposse16 - | 1
17 Aug 2018 #2
my daughter is a graduate of Yale University and my son from University of Pennsylvania , both are US born .We sent them to The Jagiellon University MD program in English in Krakow ( much lower cost than in USA) Today my son is an oncologist and my daughter is a neurologist . No problem in getting a a residency. Since it is a program for foreigners everything is in English -- no need to learn Polish
elpashizy - | 4
26 Aug 2018 #3
I'm sorry jaroslaw777 for the fact that my contribution wouldn't be addressing any of your questions as they are similar to the questions I have in mind too. I'll just like to add that we(my family) have tried to gain admission for my younger brother into Medical University of Gdansk this year but we couldn't. They sighted age as their reason for refusing him acceptance. Since then we have been on the research about medical schools in poland in preparation for the 2019/2020 session. One school name that keeps on popping is Jangollonian medical university. I think that school is good and I've read different posts where people said they graduated from there and are now working in US or UK and are doing well. I'll advice that you look it up some more. Please incase you find anything interesting I'll appreciate it if you share with me too. Thanks
OP Jaroslaw777 1 | 1
26 Aug 2018 #4
Hello. Thank you very much for everyone's input, I will update this post after doing more research and for information.
bvarkey - | 1
2 Oct 2018 #5
Polish medical universities are recognized worldwide. They teach in English and have excellent infrastructure and teachers.

But for Indian students applying National Visa from India usually ends with disappointments. They submit applications either direct or through consultants, Attend the entrance tests (on an average USD.500), study hard to pass the test, pay the full year tuition fees (USD. 13000 to 18000) and wait for the visa appointment which they will never get from Polish Embassy in Delhi or consulate in Mumbai. And finally they need to struggle to get refunds of fees from universities. Visa appointments open every monday at 10.00 AM and all slots disappear in few seconds. Wait for a week to see the same situations repeats. Think loud before taking a decision to join Polish university if you don't have a GCC residence permit.
Lyzko 42 | 9,112
4 Oct 2018 #6
Are the teaching (as opposed to strictly research) faculty English native speakers by any chance?
I'm only asking because many years ago while a grad student, I participated in an international student
exchange program hosted by one of the smaller German universities, this one near by Hannover, and the German faculty insisted on teaching
the foreign student exchange programs for subjects as varied as biology, history, and IT all in English!

The results as one could imagine were less than stellar:_)

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