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Can I do British A-levels anywhere near Warsaw?

maja123 1 | -
4 Mar 2018 #1
I am Polish with a Polish citizenship but moved to the UK when I was 3, I have been having a hard time recently (moving schools 6 the time, mental illness, etc) I have been pushed back a year in school so this means I finish my GCSEs next year (despite being predicted 9's /A** in every subject) and I don't really want to do more school in England after this if I don't have to.

I've always felt good when going back to visit Poland because of the weather, getting to see my family and just the general atmosphere. It would be brilliant if there was anywhere I could study A-levels, or do my Matura in English somewhere in or near Warsaw. I can read and speak Polish fluently but unfortunately my writing isn't very good as I never did formal Polish lessons.

It would also be brilliant if anyone knew of a place where it didn't cost thousands of pounds (like in the British School in Warsaw)

TL;DR: Is there anywhere I can do A-levels or my Matura in English without paying thousands, somewhere in or around Warsaw, preferably closer to Pruszkow?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498
4 Mar 2018 #2
First- Welcome to PF!

You don't really want to do the Matura in Poland (regardless if it's possible or not). You should rather stick to the A-Levels (and before someone will say- no, they aren't comparable) as they are better recognized abroad.

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