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Anyone attended Jagiellonian? Other Polish universities?

Sokolowski 2 | 3
12 Oct 2009 #1
I'm currently in my last year as an undergrad in the US. I'm a European Studies and Political Science major at a top tier school in the US (University of Washington - Seattle). I'm very interested in pursuing the English language European Studies MA program in Krakow. It's a beautiful city and I enjoyed it when I was there briefly last summer. I'm a little hesitant about the academic culture in Poland, however.

I was hoping someone could provide me with some insights? Any comments much appreciated!
erdemath 2 | 17
12 Oct 2009 #2
I'm doing Ph.D. in maths at the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center. It's the mathematical research center of Polish Academy of Science. I'm on my first. However, it's not my first year in Poland. Last year, I studied in Gdansk (Gdansk University of Technology) as erasmus student for 10 months.

I can share my mathematics experiences with you. However, I don't think the spirit of science differs from one field to another one.

My initial impression is that when it's time for doing science, they just do science in the best way, never waste time by dealing with ********. It may be from the polish attitude polish scientists are not introverted people. They love socializing with new people, mostly by making jokes relevant to their field :)) .

The mathematicians I met in Gdansk really broadened my horizon in terms of having different aspects on the current issues in the world. And, I acquired that not in the maths times, in the break times.

They're really good at following the latest developments in their fields. One of the mathematicians in Gdansk whose age is approaching 70 had decided to study on quantum physics. You now, Einstein stuff :) . And he already prepared 2 manuscripts. It shows that they still maintain the tenacity regardless of their ages.

I hope, it's helpful for your decision.
Alex - | 3
2 Feb 2010 #3
Hey! Im actually doing my Masters in Krakow at the moment.. if you are still interested... contact me!

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