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How to sell commercial buildings in Warsaw?

s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #1
I am interested in purchasing a derelict commercial building for sale in Warsaw. Please can anyone give some advise on who the best people are to contact to find out if anything is available?
OP s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #3
A large building i am able to convert in to apartments
cms 9 | 1,255
3 Oct 2015 #4
Unless you are experienced be really careful - there are many zoning issues and ownership complications with older buildings in Warsaw and plenty of foreign investors have spent years with their cash tied up while they wait to resolve that. you can get title insurance in Poland but its expensive.

unless you speak Polish then I would start with one of the western real estate consultancies - will be expensive but they will help you avoid some of the pitfalls above.

Home / Real Estate / How to sell commercial buildings in Warsaw?
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