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How is the Rzeszow city for a single guy to live ?

31 May 2015 #1
I am being transferred to Rzeszow city Poland from India, as I got a job there. How is the city for a single guy ? how expensive it is to live there, sharing room will do, what about food and nightlife. which part of the city do you recommend to stay ?
chukaz0306 1 | 5
31 May 2015 #2
Rzeszow is a nice city, small but beautiful and i think you will like it here. It's not that expensive and the nightlife here is quite good. If you want to look for accomodation, you can use this link
OP Boom
31 May 2015 #3
A huge cheers for the link and what would be an avergae cost of living including room, food, outing on weekends
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
1 Jun 2015 #4
Despite that it is an eastern wall they say it isn't that horrifying.
1 Jun 2015 #5
your own room in a shared apartment will be about 500PLN. As for food that depends on how much & what you eat, can eat cheap nasty kebabs for 6PLN or a decent top notch steak for 50PLN. Going out the same will depend on what you drink or plan to do, local beer in the pubs is about 7PLN if you go craft beer can be anywhere between 10-15PLN, if you don't drink then it's going to be cheaper of course :)
10 Jun 2015 #6
What do I get in a shared Room ? Tv, washing machine, kitchen internet ? what is it like to have a sharing single room, its like a room in a big apartment or a room in a big house with many rooms ?
10 Jun 2015 #7
depends on the room on offer, but generally it's a bed and minimal furniture, some places will include internet and bills in the cost of rent and others won't, some will have a shared living with TV others won't, most generally have access to washing machine, fridge etc. if you look at you'll get an idea of what's available.
xaquad - | 1
30 Sep 2016 #8
[moved from]

Can any one tell me how is hostels in rzeszow?
Like do they allow to smoke in room or. Is there any time limit to come back to hostel at night or something?
jon357 74 | 21,780
30 Sep 2016 #9
Do you mean a student hostel? The last time I visited one (in Warsaw, not recently) you could smoke though that may have changed. There was no curfew, however they had a mean looking old lady at the door which may cause issues with late night guests.

If you mean a tourist hostel, (assuming there are any in Rzeszów) I would doubt that smoking is permitted inside but I'd equally bet that people smoke in the bathroom. Some youth hostels (the kind specifically for the young) still have curfews (or did until recently) and you should check when booking.
11 Oct 2016 #10
Can anybody tell me that people in rzeszow speak english or not bcoz i dont know polish and im coming there as a student.. Where i got the part time work and what tyoes of works are offered there
mafketis 36 | 10,761
11 Oct 2016 #11
There is probably no part time work available for someone who is not fluent in Polish.
terri 1 | 1,663
11 Oct 2016 #12
Yesterday some Turkish students (under the Erasmus programme) were seriously attacked. One was hit in the head by a heavy object. Some have now returned home for fear of more attacks. Before you come to Poland to study, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
11 Oct 2016 #13
"Yesterday some Turkish students"

Are you referring to the attack in Torun? do you have a link to the Rzeszow attack.

Any attack on foreigners in Poland is deplored by the general population , Racist attacks in Poland are taken seriously by the authorities.

Sadly there are a few random lunatics that let the rest of us down.
terri 1 | 1,663
11 Oct 2016 #14
Yes, I was referring to the Torun attack. There have not been any attacks (as far as being reported in the papers) in Rzeszow.

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