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What is the Rent for 1 Bed Room Flat in Wroclaw & what is the security Deposit?

Krishh2012 1 | 1
14 Jan 2012 #1

I just wanted information regarding the Rent p/m & security deposit amount to rent a house in Wroclaw.
15 Jan 2012 #2
I paid 600 PLN a month to rent a room in a blokowisko near Ferio Gaj.
pantsless 1 | 267
26 Jan 2012 #3
A studio goes for 1200-2000zl including utilities a month. Security deposit is always one months rent.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,910
7 Feb 2014 #4
It would also be accurate to say that near my old private estate. there are at least 2 x 68m2 apartments for 1300 Z£ a month plus other charges. One was on for 1700 and was reduced, the other seems to have come to market at that good value price. There is no shorage of apartments to rent at present in South Krzyki for approx. 1500 for 55m2, sometimes the landlords will reduce (some will, most unfortunately won't). More agencies are willing to negotiate their fees. 1 or 2 are charging nothing to tenants but are very busy and have no time for non Polish speakers (in my experience) unless for the more expensive flats (they just don't want to be bothered unless Polish is spoken to them).
saggy - | 2
23 Dec 2014 #5
Is there any english website which provides facility of searching apartment in Poland?
bakkalgazi 2 | 21
26 Aug 2015 #7
May i learn one and two furnished rooms flat price in Wroclaw? I plan to move there and want to know flat hiring prices inclued all expenses.
DominicB - | 2,707
26 Aug 2015 #8
A basic one room (studio) apartment is about 1500 PLN a month, rent, fees and utilities included except for phone/internet/TV. Two room (1-bedroom) apartment is about 2000 PLN a month, all inclusive. Add about 500 PLN a month for each additional bedroom, and 500 to 1000 PLN a month if you require more luxurious lodgings.

A very important factor is the quality of the windows. Old, poorly fitted windows can seriously drive up heating costs, which is important if you are expected to pay the heating bill. Have an EXPERIENCED native Pole check out the apartment with you, so you don't end up with an apartment that costs you a fortune to heat.

Another very important factor is the size of the kitchen. A lot of cheaper apartments have very small kitchen alcoves that are basically useless. It's worth paying for a full-sized kitchen that you can actually cook in. Cooking at home can save you a lot of money, but you will not be motivated to do so if all you have is a tiny "kitchen corner" (aneks kuchenny). Also, make sure you get an apartment with a clothes washer. Laundromats in Poland are few and far between, and expensive.

The most important factor is proximity to a tram line that services your workplace, or is easy to transfer to. An apartment that is far from the tram system can make your life rather unpleasant. Trams are much faster, more pleasant and more reliable than buses.

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