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Shared deed when buying a property in Poland for unmarried couple

babyboom 1 | 2
6 Nov 2015 #1
we just moved recently to Poland, my partner for 13 years is Polish ( I am not) and we have children together. We want to buy a small detached house and bank told us that only he will go on the mortgage as we are not married and I have not started to work yet and complicates things. So far ok but then they just told us I won't be on the legal deed of ownership of the property (sign in notary office after mortgage is approved) as they only will sign the paperwork the bank sends and I won't be on the mortgage documents son only he will be register as owner.

We both want to be on the legal ownership. They say we can sign a private document in notary office and put me as co -owner, but not sure if this implies different legal implications? has this paper same legal value as the legal deed of ownership of the property?

I will appreciate some advice
thank you
MIPK - | 69
7 Nov 2015 #2
What bank? Are you an EU citizen? I had no problem with my partner (I'm an EU citizen), we are both noted on the mortgage and the notary deed and we had no problem at all. We're with PKOBP. Only problem I can see is if you're non EU then you might need a permit to buy a house more info on the permit and buying real estate as a foreigner can be found here,Acquisition-of-real-estate.html
OP babyboom 1 | 2
19 Nov 2015 #3

we are with Alior Bank, but they said as only he is on the mortgage, because we are not married, I can not be on the notary deed for the house property, so only mu partner owns it, but we want both as owners.

I am EU citizen, they problem is I am not in the mortgage I ca not be on the notary deed for the ownership house, however in many EU countries this is not a problem. Do you know this is legally correct in Poland?

Thanks you for your time
MIPK - | 69
19 Nov 2015 #4
Again not an expert but from some quick search it can be an issue if the bank won't put you both down as being responsible for the kredyt even if only one person is paying it. I think they have an issue in that if property is in two names and person paying defaults it then causes them problems with repossessing the property. Maybe try another bank for the credit, one that will put both your names on the credit and then no problem having two names on the akt notarlny & record of owners, PKOBP had no problem with this. Alior wouldn't give us credit besides the fact that I was paying 75% upfront and the credit was for 25%, and I've just shut my account with them for the ridiculous fees they started to charge. I think the issue is not that you can't be both on the deeds it's that Alior won't provide the credit to two owners with only one responsible for the debt.
OP babyboom 1 | 2
19 Nov 2015 #5
Ok thank you very much for your time

ok ok I am asking about laws regarding buying property
19 Nov 2015 #6

I am Polish my wife is English, It was going to be a pain if we tried to jointly buy our place, because it is classed as agricultural, so i bought it in my name, It only took an hour to do it. otherwise there would have been lots of polish legal paperwork nonsense that would have cost us cash.

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