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Remortgaging in Poland

dolphin0 1 | 1
21 Feb 2016 #1
I have owned an apartment in Wroclaw for some years which is tenanted- but I was wondering how to go about remortgaging it to raise some money for here in Uk. I have a polish mortgage through one of the banks out there, which is being paid directly by the tenants, but having emailed the bank for advice, I have had no response. Should I go to a solicitor or to a mortgage broker? Not quite sure where to start, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Pol attorney 2 | 106
22 Feb 2016 #2
It would be necessary for you to sign a PoA for your legal representative/lawyer here in Poland to remortgage.

Probably this would be the best thing to do if you don't want to travel to Poland too often and get it done asap. The bank will be obliged to negotiate with your representative in Poland.

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