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Quantity Surveyor - Property Depreciation Inspections in Poland

MarcelQS1 1 | 1
3 Feb 2017 #1
hi, I am Australian ourclient owns property in Poland.
They wish to depreciate their investment property.
Does anyone know a Polish QS Firm that specializes in Deprecation with National Coverage that can provide Depreciation Report or Table of Written Down Values for a property if the client approached them directly?

I do not know what type of property it is yet, so they may not be able to provide me any costs, so I would like to be able to send them towards a firm who can aid them with the figures, that we can then use in Australia, to prepare their tax reports.

Thank you Very much for your reply.
3 Feb 2017 #2
You can contact any serious Real estate agent, of course you would have to establish if its residential or commercial. You give them the address they will inspect and then create a ' specialized report' which will give you a indication of the current market price, . For a house it costs around 1.000 PLN, if its a large commercial space it may be more. I would suggest you find a local Polish speaker to contact them, if you contact the agents in English from Australia, they may deem you to have deep pockets. If the property is residential and in Warsaw I can provide you with a contact. The first thing the agent will ask to see is a copy of the ' act notarial' which is the deed of the property in Aussie lingo. Hope your informed.
OP MarcelQS1 1 | 1
6 Feb 2017 #3
Thank you for that. I will pass this on to our client.

Here (OZ), the R.E.A. is not really accredited to perform a "construction cost" assessment which is used for Tax purposes. it is because they are more closely affiliated with "market cost" which is quite qa different kettle of fish.

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