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Plans and documents for a house (buy/sell) in Poland

Braveheart16 19 | 142
20 Jul 2019 #1
I would be grateful for advice on documents needed to buy/sell a house. Some banks, maybe all banks want all the usual books, etc including a plan of the property when deciding on granting a mortgage. However what happens if there is no plan of the property....will other documents eg. rights to live in the house be accepted instead of a plan. I understand that plans of properties were kept by the local government from about 1995 but not before.
4 Sep 2019 #2
It's possible you'd have to order a surveyor who will do a plat survey and plan of the house that will be acceptable by the local Polish government. I don't see any other option if the house is older than 1995 and there are no records of it.
OP Braveheart16 19 | 142
8 Sep 2019 #3
Nathans......thank you for your response

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