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Planning building permission in Poland (I have some land in the countryside)

helPP 1 | -
22 Apr 2013 #1

I have some land in the countryside and wish to build a house. There is presently an unused and old (about 30 - 40 years) brick barn on the site and an even older (unused) wooden house. At the location of the barn I would like to build a new larger house. What is the procedure for obtaining planning permission? Do I need to design and plan the property, or can I obtain basic planning permission first?
Monitor 14 | 1,818
22 Apr 2013 #2
It doesn't answer exactly your question, but maybe will be helpful:

Project of reconstruction, extension or superstructure should be accompanied by a technical description and technical assessment including, in appropriate cases, an evaluation of the current engineering-geological conditions and the condition of the foundation of a building. Part of the architectural drawings and construction should be done at a scale appropriate to the specific nature and character of the work and the degree of accuracy of graphic signs in the drawings, but not less than 1:50 for the separate parts of buildings under reconstruction or expansion of facilities and parts of the complex and small sizes.
11 Jul 2016 #3
My advice is to get an Architect. I found them not so expensive. I did find a house plan I loved from a Canadian plan site and he basically changed that to Polish plans. Came on site and advised me best place to build. All in all the cost for his work and drawings were £600. I believe some of the Old barns are listed now so again the Architect could advise.

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