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Place to live in Krakow, Poland / Bonarka

30 Jun 2015 #1
Hello all,

My wife, my dog and myself, coming from Romania, are going to move in Krakow for long term due to our jobs. I am going to work on Lubicz street and my wife near Bonarka City Center. We will come by car and keep it with us.

We are looking to rent an apartment, but not sure what area would be suitable for both of us, taking into consideration we will go to work with public transport. Other criteria would be to have some green places around us so that we can go to play with our dog.

Could you please be kind and suggest us what districts/areas should we check? Also, can you please give us an estimate of how much a rent should be in that area for a 2 rooms apartment fully furnished, ready to move in?

Thank you very much in advance to all of you :)
terri 1 | 1,665
30 Jun 2015 #2
Go on this website:

You will get an idea of how much furnished apartments cost. As a rough idea you will be looking at 2,000 PLN for rented apartment, plus utilities (gas/electricity/water).
OP FishermanPL
30 Jun 2015 #3
thank you for your answer. any suggestions about the areas where we should search?

Related: Bonarka Bus fees - Krakow

When did the Bonarka Shopping Center buses start charging for rides? 1 zł to/from Rondo Matecznego, and 2 zł to/from Borek Fałęcki. They used to be free.

You are correct, it used to be free as far as I know.
Is Bonarka shopping centre worth visiting though? Is it any different from Galeria Krakowska?

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