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New Land laws in 90day - building a storage place in Poland and habitat it without permission

18 Mar 2015 #1

I have some land in a small village its lovley there and wanted to put a static caravan there for when I visit.
Only to find out it has too be moved every 120 day off the land for 2 weeks.

I then heard you can build a storage place upto 25m2 but outside cities its 35m2

Now I hear the laws will change in 90days what allowes you to build upto 35m2 and you can habitat it without permission
You only need notify the council
Can anyone clarify these new laws the president has signed in.
Does this mean land prices will increase


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19 Mar 2015 #2
I found an article about this new amendment of the Law.
Quotes (sorry for the language - translated largely by google):

The investors, especially those who are planning to build houses, are pleased mostly from the fact that the construction time will be considerably shorten. Earlier, the length of the investment process was prolonged, inter alia, by the waiting time for a decision on the construction permit - now is no need to obtain such decision. However, this applies only to those buildings whose area of influence does not extend beyond the boundaries of the plot covered by the investment, that is, in a situation in which the house is not a nuisance to neighbors. Then you only need the build registration. The starost will have 30 days for possible objections.

Under the new regulations of the Construction Law, more objects can be implemented without a building permit. To those privileged objects were added:

- storey detached buildings (the number of objects can not be greater than 2 per 500 m2),
- individual recreation buildings with area up to 35 m2 (however, the number of these objects on the land can not exceed 1 per 500 m2 of the plot)


Does this mean land prices will increase

I noticed an extra entry about a fee for each meter of non-residential area, it can be eg. a garage area, basements, utility rooms - 1 zł per square meter (no more than 539 zł total). This fee will be charged during submission of a works declaration.

I have used also the sources below:$file/2710_u.pdf (new changes) (current law)
OP Dailyidiot
20 Jul 2015 #3
Some more information about this

You can build a summer house of upto 35m2, all you need to do is notify the council and give them a drawing of the floor layout.

You can live there at any time, but you will not be able to register or get a house number.
You can build the building with any material.
You can only build a single story place, so no upper levels in the roof either.
You can only have 1 up 35m2 building per 500m2 piece of plot on the plot, so watch out a garage would count!

best double check info, but this is what I am hearing.
what is great... if your in an apertment, you could build something on cheap land with out too much red tape and enjoy it over the weekends.

Lovley :)

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