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New flat / apartment - insurance in Poland?

10 Apr 2008 #1
Does anyone familiar with a new flat and insurance?

Do Polish people insure a new flat on the day they accept it from the developer - or do they wait until the Final Purchase Contract is signed?

Thank you
hello 22 | 891
10 Apr 2008 #2
I would wait unti the final purchase, it only makes sense to me. If you are not the owner, the "old" owner should and usually have his own insurance. It's like you went to a car dealer and talked about pricing and bought insurance in advance before buying the car.
Macowiec 1 | 5
8 Feb 2016 #3
Merged: Insurance on apartment in Poland -- value

I recently bought my 5th apartment in Poland, and am running into a problem with the insurance company (Generali) which I haven't encountered before.

The apartment is large (150m3) in a kamienica from about 1920. The purchase price was, in terms of zł./m3, in line with normal apartment prices in my city. (3000-4000zł./m3)

So upon closing, I immediately contacted my insurance agency to set up coverage for the apartment. I supplied him all the details, and told him I wanted in insurance for value=X (the purchase price). He came back with a policy for X-5%. When questioned about this, he said Generali "only values the property as being worth that price."

He further added "it's like a car, if you buy a car for 30,000zł, you can't insure it for that if it's only worth 20,000zł".

Has anyone ever run into this? I could understand a problem if I wanted to insure for twice the market value, but I just want to insure for the price I paid, which was quite in line with local market conditions.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
8 Feb 2016 #4
Thats surprising, any insurance we set have always been accepted by the insurance companies and generally we have aimed just a little higher than mkt value to be on the safe side. We used PZU and HDI mostly, in some cases UNIQA, maybe worth calling elsewhere other than Generali. Usually the agent wont be afraid to except a slightly higher quote as it means a higher premium for them unless you have really overvalued the property. Maybe the state of the building in which the flat resides was of concern to the insurer.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
8 Feb 2016 #5
Has anyone ever run into this?

I've got a friend that has the opposite problem - they accepted his declaration, but then refused to pay out on the basis of it. It might be that Generali are being a bit more honest.
Buggsy 8 | 98
9 Feb 2016 #6
The apartment is large (150m3) in a kamienica from about 1920.

My first was a bargain but managed to get it insured for current value at that time.
I don't know where abouts you are but, with kamienice, insurance companies are very strict when it comes to valuation.
Shop around for a better deal but you will find out that, with most insurers, there will be a difference in what you paid for

and their valuation. The key word here is "kamienice" and the history of such properties in Poland.
If it was a new built or something else, probably it would have panned out differently.
Macowiec 1 | 5
9 Feb 2016 #7
Thank you for the comments so far. I am still surprised to find this is the case.

I called Generali yesterday to argue my case, and they have asked for more info. So, we'll see how it pans out.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
9 Feb 2016 #8
I dont know if the insuring agent has seen the property before providing you with a quote, its important that they do and then you can provide evidence to the contrary of their valuation. Even urzad skarbowa isnt aware of specific situations even in town squares so it may be a case that Generali has just put the numbers into a program rather than having looked into the individual property.
Macowiec 1 | 5
9 Feb 2016 #9
I've worked with this insurance agent for 10 years, so I have faith in him. But indeed he didn't come out to look this time. I'm having an e-mail conversation with Generali, and I've sent them photos of the property to demonstrate the condition.

Update: Generali sent the problem back to the local agent, and all I get from him is "computer says no" type of response.

So, I'll live with it for a year, hoping there won't be a major catastrophe, and then shop around when renewal time comes.

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