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Multiple owners of agricultural property in poland

rysia21 3 | 7
17 Jan 2010 #1
We have recently inherited several agricultural plots in Poland. The plots have been registered in 3 individuals names. In order to avoid all the administrative hassles and cost, do you recomment assigning the ownership to one individual? What are the other drawbacks of keeping the title registered to all owners?
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
17 Jan 2010 #2
I bought a property (agricultural land plus house and out buildings) that at the start of the process had 6 owners. During the process of buying one person died and then there were more owners who had inherited their part. After the inheritance issue was taken care of, all of the owners set one owner as their legal voice in making decisions about the property. That made the further negotiations and paperwork easier. Having said that, all owners were required (for some reason) to come to the final signing of the contracts, etc.

If I understand you correctly, the land was inherited by 3 people, you being one of them. Maybe one of the heirs could be assigned as the person responsible for the land while leaving the ownership of everyone intact. It is also possible to assign some guardianship to someone who is not the owner to take care of formalities such as paying the taxes if you are out of the country.

Good luck to you!

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