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Lease contract with no renewal clause in Poland

16 Jan 2019 #1
Hi everyone,

I have a lease contract with a fixed period of time from January to December 2018.

When I met my landlord on December, both of us though the contract had a renewal clause, so it could continue in the same terms, with one month notice period.

However after checking it carefully, there's no such clause.

Is there something the polish law says about the will to continue the contract, despite the lack of such renewal clause?

I have a good relationship with my landlord, but I am afraid that he could kick me out in case it was convenient for him, without such notice period.
jon357 72 | 21,382
16 Jan 2019 #2
When I rented, there was no renewal clause however I stayed a few years.

but I am afraid that he could kick me out in case it was convenient for him

Always a risk with rentals, however assuming you have up to date proof of payment (never pay cash!) he would find it inconvenient to kick you out suddenly.
OP lgfox
16 Jan 2019 #3
Yes, I always pay by bank transfer. Could I use that as a proof of the willingness to renew the contract?
jon357 72 | 21,382
16 Jan 2019 #4
It would be proof that you've paid to be there, regardless of written contract. Remember that written contracts are only as good as their ability to be legally enforced. He could chuck you out with one or without one, and you'd need to go to court afterwards.

If you have proof of payment however (even if the written contract has expired), it's unlikely he'd dare; the police could prevent him from doing that. Worth mentioning that these situations are rare and are never the first chapter of the story.

If however you think that this is even a remote possibility, your relationship with the person you rent from isn't that healthy. If he's ok however, and there is trust (more important that any piece of paper), you should be OK.
OP lgfox
16 Jan 2019 #5
Thank you for the information. The relationship has always been fine though.
jon357 72 | 21,382
16 Jan 2019 #6
You'll almost certainly be OK! If you both want to, you could always sign a new contract after the old one expires.
MoOli 9 | 480
16 Jan 2019 #7
the police could prevent him from doing that

The police can never interfere as this situation is totally civil.Even if the landlord wants him out he has to send him legal letter giving a months notice to vacate,if he doesn't then the landlord can go to court.Tenant has to be paying in time though all the while or habitual late payer charge can also be used by the landlord.

it's unlikely he'd dare

I bet you he can dare,last January I did throw out a nasty salon owner giving her 2 months notice who was later begging me to let her stay as her business was booming on nowegrodska and she was in middle of her 3 year contract.

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