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The law of land inheritance in Poland - an other family member wants my portion

14 Jul 2011 #1

I understand that there have been recent changes to the law of inheritance in poland when a family member leaves assets in a will?

My sister died and left a parcel of land to her husband, son and me in equal portions. The son now wants my portion and is refusing to sign over paper work which will give me my portion.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

15 Jul 2011 #2
If you received your portion it's not likely the son could change that by refusing to sign anything?
15 Jul 2011 #3
If there is a valid will, he's shiit out of luck. Either way, you need to speak to a lawyer in Poland.
13 Apr 2015 #4
What is the Polish law concerning a Last Will and Testament written in the U.S., through which the deceased person gives all of his/her property to his biological child but "disinherits" his/her estranged spouse (who is not the biological parent of the deceased's child)? How does this Will affect property he/she owns in Poland and bought on his/her own without the spouse. Would Poland accept the U.S. Will and grant the child 100 percent of the property, or would the estranged spouse also have right to that property, despite the deceased's wishes? If the estranged spouse would, indeed, have some right to that property in Poland, how much?
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Apr 2015 #5
Is there any particular reason you are asking for a useless general answer to this of a bunch of anonymous unqualified clowns (like yours truly) on some internet forum instead of consulting with a lawyer who can give you an actually useful answer for your particular case?

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