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Landlord in Poland "doesn't" want to return the deposit

20 Apr 2019 #1

I am going back to my home country, and I met with my landlord recently in order to discuss the required formalities.

Basically, he is trying to screw me over with the deposit.

1º He told me that polish politicians have approved an increase in the electricity bill with regards to last year, that I need to pay. Considering I won't need zlotys anymore, that money can be deducted from my deposit.

2º My landlord came in with her wife, checking everything was ok. He told me that he will come the last day, in order to check if the apartment needs to be cleaned. In that case, he will deduct 500 zlotys from my deposit.. My apartment is tiny, and clean.

It's pretty obvious to me my landlord simply doesn't want to pay me the deposit.

Most probably he will come the last day, telling me the apartment needs to be cleaned, no matter what.

Kinda sad considering the relationship was good so far till this day.

I would like to ask for advice and your opinion.
Sergiusz 6 | 24
21 Apr 2019 #2
Call and kindly ask to bring the proof of the "electricity bill increase" as you "can't find any info on that". Clean up. When they show up forget about "good relationship" and be firm about your point - the place is clean, nothing damaged, here is the rent agreement, I need my deposit. As a last resort, if they don't return it, let them know you will consult with a lawyer and the issue will have to be settled in court (just LOOK like you mean it).
terri 1 | 1,665
21 Apr 2019 #3
Get a Polish friend (well-built man with muscles) to come with you. I would not pay him any rent or bills for the last month and then he can have his deposit.

That electricity bill story is false.
OP lgfox
21 Apr 2019 #4
He brought a document where actually the supposed amounts I should pay are quoted.

Still, it seems like bullshit to me.

The document mentions one period, from 1.10.2018 - 10.04.2019, and the second one from 05.2019 - 09.2019.

Thank you @sergiusz and @terri.

This is the document, and the parts where the supposed amounts I have to pay, are highlighted.

Thanks again
terri 1 | 1,665
21 Apr 2019 #5
If you were there from 1.10.2018 to 10.04.2019 you must pay this bill. The other page is for anticipated use from 05.09.2019 for each month. The way the company charges for electricity is to give you a proper bill every 6 months and ask you to prepay for the next 6 months and then they recalculate the money correctly in the proper bill based on readings.

What I would do is not pay both parts of the bill until you settle the matter with the deposit. They can take this amount out of the deposit.
OP lgfox
21 Apr 2019 #6
Thank you @Terri

Yes, I was living in the apartment for that period.

Since I will be living in the apartment till the end of this month, according to my calculations, for the second period I should pay only for 20 days (11.04.2019 - 30.04.2019), which should be around 94 zlotys.

On the other hand, the intention of the landlord was to deduct this amount from the deposit. The problem is the implicit attitude regarding the deposit. "Since you won't need zlotys anymore, I will deduct this from the deposit".

I will clean the apartment, tell her to deduct the electricity amount from the deposit, and to send me back the net amount to my bank account.

Thank you

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