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Land value and ownership in Poland

Sennahoy 1 | -
4 Aug 2014 #1
My grandfather and grandmother owned 7 hectors of farm land in Poland. My grandfather died in 1947 his ownership was split between his 3 children from his first marriage (1st wife passed away), his two (2) children from his 2nd wife (my grandmother) and my grandmother When my grandmother died in 1967 her ownership went to her two biological children. No one knew about this land in Poland until my grandmother's sister passed away in 1994 Poland and her daughter requested power of attorney over the land to collect the rents and pay the taxes. In 1998 my step aunt and my mother went to Poland and gave another relative limited power of attorney to collect the rents and pay the taxes. In 1999 she again went to Poland (this time with her sister-in-law and her biological brother) to appear in the Polish court with all the requested documents. She also hired a Polish attorney, who did nothing for her. This has been going on since 1998 . She wants to sell the land. The tenant farmers who are working the land are interested in buying the land (4 tenant farmers are involved) She needs to know what the land is worth. The buildings on the land are owned by the tenant farmers. All one living step sister (94) and herself (82) (the other have since passed away) own is the farmland. Being that she is here in USA, how does she go about getting the land values? We do have all the address. All farmland is located in Ingolomia
Monitor 14 | 1,820
4 Aug 2014 #2
Here you have average prices per 1ha in voivodships:

Land Poland value
4 Aug 2014 #3
The agricultural land prices depend on the grade of the land 1,2,3,4,5, I am assuming as you have been renting the land there is a contract, is there a clause in the contract stating you must offer the land for sale to the tenant first?

Your situation is not straight forward if you are trying to value the land for inheritance purposes I would say the land is worth no more than 10,000 zlotys per ha. If you wish to sell the land the plot is very small 7 ha unless it is in a very unique area which could be turned into a hobby farm, then the land is worth what the tenants will pay.Do not believe the prices you see agricultural land being advertised for in Poland there are very few sales at high prices.
Dziedzic 3 | 43
17 Nov 2015 #4
Merged: Who owns the most land in Poland?

Is there a list of top land owners in Poland? I would be interested in finding out who the top ten are.
Yosemite 2 | 88
17 Nov 2015 #5
Agencja Nieruchomoƛci Rolnych might be up there
17 Nov 2015 #6
And it gets harder for anyone to buy farmland in Poland as of next year including the polish people, 5 years local resident plus qualification in farming.

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