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Help urgently - problems with the owner of rented apartment in Poland

ccapel12 1 | -
13 Dec 2018 #1
I rented an apartment in Krakow in Feb 2018, in November 2018 the owner started to harass me and my husband with several concerns.
For example they never let us pay by deposit, because they are trying to withhold the taxes and not paying for it.
I have always paid before the agreed date. And have always paid the bills they said I should pay, even not knowing what exactly I was paying. They only used to say: we paid $$$ amount for the electricity bill and I never knew if it was my expenses or not.

So they were bothering us so much and I texted a message saying that if they did not want us in the house, they should tell us and we would leave.

He answered as: We don´t want this "type" of people living in our house.
I never really understood what he meant with it. Because as I said I have always paid everything correctly and I really don´t know where that came from.

I left the apartment (everything in complete order) without giving any notice, becase I was scared of their behavior.
What can I do?
Do you think I should look for a lawyer?
I still need to pay 3.300 zloty for the entire period up until the end of the contract.
please help
Richthecat 8 | 68
13 Dec 2018 #2
Ok so the first question is do you have a "legal " contract I am presuming you do that is why you think you have to pay the remaining 3300. I would imagine though if he is not paying any tax on the rental agreement I would imagine he won't want to go through the courts with it in order to get the 3300 from you. I would just refuse to pay and if he starts being aggressive about it. Say you will talk to the tax office about this I am sure he will soon calm down
terri 1 | 1,665
14 Dec 2018 #3
I would do absolutely nothing. The only way he can come after you is through the Courts - and that is never going to happen. Keep all your receipts and notes of everything that went on - just in case. Always correspond on paper with your landlord and have evidence of this. Next time when you want to rent something - have an official rental agreement with absolutely everything in it, this includes notes of the account numbers for gas, electricity, water and have them under your name and pay direct. Make sure you are registered at the address and go to the tax office and tell them of the arrangement.
14 Dec 2018 #4
Why would you pay? He said he doesn't want you in his apartment. He evicted you, and you have it in written.
17 Dec 2018 #5
Poland is a place to avoid. They are troublemakers; not serious, not reliable people. A lot of people complain about the same problems.

This always happens when you deal with trickers. Poles think you are rich, they want to exploit you. Don't be naive.

A woman at Lublin asked me 100 EUR per night - you see, they are envious, bad people.

If you are a Jew, they think you are rich. If you are a foreigner, they think you are rich. If you are just a tourist, they think you are rich.

They want all your money.
arto120 - | 2
5 Apr 2019 #6
i can not agree with you. not all people do this way. I rent some apartment in katowice per service - they was really nice to me, help me with everything and i havn't got any problems there.

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