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Any good websites to look for accommodation / rentals in Poland?

29 Jan 2013 #1
Dear People,

I'm Sebastiano and I'm moving to PI£A from the 1st of March to work there. I was wondering, since I don't have an accommodation yet, if you know any estate agents website to look for an apartment just for myself.

I really thank you for your help and I hope there are going to be many of you in answering this question :)

smurf 39 | 1,951
29 Jan 2013 #2
Here you go:
4 Mar 2015 #3
Merged: Best website to rent a flat for 1 month (in Poznan)

I am planning to visit Poznan and stay there for a month this summer , but the prices that i have been finding on are a bit high , as the minimum is around 2500 zloty/month (away from the center) , whereas I know that one can find a really decent apartment near the center for about 2000 zl, so can someone redirect me to a good website ?
Monitor 13 | 1,816
5 Mar 2015 #4
Search for rooms if you cannot afford appartment. There is also less popular You can check adds from but they are mostly long term renting. has usually good prices of hostel and hotel rooms.
jon357 74 | 22,675
5 Mar 2015 #5
Search for rooms if you cannot afford appartment.

Good advice. I don't think he'll find a short term apartment for much less than 2500zl - in fact that is not expensive.

One leftfield solution is the hall of residence for the Music Academy which lets rooms outside term time. It's in a beautiful Eighteenth Century building just off the Rynek. There are other university halls available to visitors in summer of course however I have stayed at that one and recommend it.
Qacer 38 | 125
8 Mar 2015 #6
[Moved from]: Where can I find vacation house rentals in Poland (TriCity area)?

Besides the major sites such as Homeaway, AirBNB, TripAdvisor, etc., where do you go looking for vacation houses to rent for a week? I'm looking for a big house that can accommodate a party of 20. I prefer the TriCity area, but anywhere within 1 hour of drive from the airport is good. Thanks!
9 Mar 2015 #7
It may sound silly, but if you speak Polish then you could find contacts right on the airport / train / bus station. In Poland it's still quite popular and efficient to 'ask around' to get a good deal. There are websites like gumtree .pl too and classified ads in local (TriCity in this case) newspapers; these are the same people who you may encounter on the bus stations ;)
15 Apr 2015 #8
Merged: How can I find a studio/apartment to rent in Poznan? ( I am an Erasmus student )

I am coming to Poznan for Erasmus during the months Sept15-Feb16.
I would like to stay alone in a small studio rathen than university dormitories.
Can anyone tell me how I will search for such accommodation please??? :)

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