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Finding Land of my great grandmother from Poland

oklaps 1 | 3
4 Nov 2012 #1
I know this is a long shot but I figured what the heck!

My great grandmother used to own some land in Iwaniska that she was given in 1922. In 1969 she returned to Poland and gave the land to a Mr. & Mrs. Baranski. I have the deed of gift that describes the land and I am curious if anyone is in real estate in that area and might be able to look this land up for me. Again, I know this is a mega long shot but hey, it's worth a try! The land is listed as:

0.75 ha located in the town of Siedleczysko, district Iwanisko, borders from the east with the field of citizen Kabocinski Stefan, from the south with the road leading to the town called Zaldow, from the west with the road Lagowska, and from the north with a field with citizen Szczepanski Stanislaw.

Also, I've had some letters translated to English and one of them was signed as follows:
Rucinski, Antoni
W. Wolynskie
powiat Kostopol

There was some more writing at the end of this but it couldn't be fully translated. Some of it was....
p.ta Bystrzyca

Could someone please tell me where that is or give me a rough idea please! Thank You.
strzyga 2 | 993
4 Nov 2012 #2
Here's the Google map of the area:,mapa.html

Can't find Siedleczysko there - it might be a local name for some part of the town - but you can see Iwaniska and Zaldów. It's Opatów county, Swiętokrzyskie province, south of Poland. There's a link to some pictures of Iwaniska under the map, also there is the official town site:

And this is the location on the map of Poland:

W. Wolynskiepowiat Kostopol

It's Ukraine now:

p.ta Bystrzyca

This one is tougher. Is it part of the above address? If not, there are other possibilities:
OP oklaps 1 | 3
5 Nov 2012 #3
Thank you so much for the response!

The 'p.ta Bystrzyca' was at the end of a letter that we believe either my great grandfather or his brother received from a cousin. I had the letter translated but the translator had a hard time with this part of the letter. They thought it was a military base in Poland maybe?!

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