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English speaking Estate Agents In Poland?

hardcandy 1 | 2
5 Mar 2013 #1
I found an old thread which listed Estate Agents in Krakow but it is very old.

I'm looking to rent an apartment for 1/2 months in Krakow, kazimierz.

Anyone recommend an english speaking estate agent?

thank you
terri 1 | 1,664
6 Mar 2013 #2
You might be better in renting directly from the owner. You will find hundreds of flats on 'gumtree'. If you use an agent, they usually take 'one months rent' as their fee.

Your rights as a tenant directly under the owner and under the estate agent are exactly the same. Zilch.
inkrakow 1 | 98
6 Mar 2013 #3
Try, Gumtree or one of the vacation rentals companies - they're much more likely to find you something for just a couple of months. A typical tenancy agreement is 12 months and you're liable to pay all of it if you move out early.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
6 Mar 2013 #4
Yes for half month better use page mentioned above or Most owners is interested in long term rent and these 2 pages are solution for this problem.
Norwegian 5 | 56
8 Mar 2013 #5

I have some apartments I rent out. Good standard, but more "pricy" then the average.

Send me your mail and I can send you some pictures and prices.

KRA_Liman 1 | 1
10 Mar 2013 #6
I had good experience with people in Hamilton May.They are English speaking, and do a decent job.
However I'm not sure about finding flat for 1/2 months. If you do find it I think that falls under short term rental which is more expensive.
mos_sed 3 | 10
14 Jun 2013 #7
I had good experience with people in Hamilton May.

Seconded. They speak good English.
17 Mar 2015 #8
[Moved from]: How many real estate agents are there in Poland?

Dear Reader,

I am trying to find information on the amount of real estate agents that exist in Poland.
Since I'm foreign and I don't speak the language, I can't seem to find anything remotely useful.

If there is somebody that can help me with this, please sent me an email.

Best regards,

pigsy 7 | 305
17 Mar 2015 #9
Amount= TONS
Speak English= call them and find out,lots do speak english or have somone in there office who does.
Julia Bar - | 1
17 Mar 2015 #10
Hello Jonne,
Agent usually take 3% of a price.
If you need someone to guide you in real estate market in Warsaw, dont hesitate to contact me. I am not an agent, but maybe I can help you.

my email: @gmail
Best regards,
pigsy 7 | 305
18 Mar 2015 #11
3% is asking price it can be negotiated to 1%,I usually look for bezprovisia(no commision)
Looker - | 1,126
18 Mar 2015 #12

You probably mean 'bez prowizji'
pigsy 7 | 305
18 Mar 2015 #13
Yes sir, its my bad Polish skills.

Too late to edit, just wanted to add that bez prowizji properties for sale in my observation are where the owners are seriously inclined to sell and will negotiate.
big laugh
11 Apr 2015 #14
[Moved from]: Recommendation of English-Speaking Realtor and a lawyer in Katowice?


I am looking for a reliable English-Speaking Realtor in Katowice who can help me out find a quite big size of an open space where I can use it as a showroom? Plus, a lawyer!

any comments appreciated!!

Looker - | 1,126
15 Apr 2015 #15
Real estate agencies, and lawyers in Katowice which provide service in English language - couple of links what I found:


Piggy 1
15 Apr 2015 #16
You don't need a lawyer, but you need an English speaking Notariuz. He/she will do the same work in there cost. Lawyer will just charge you extra.
17 Apr 2015 #17
Merged: Real estate management in Poland


I'm currently writing a report concerning real estate management (more correct, the real estate agent in Poland) in school. Could anyone recommend a business that can answer a few questions? Preferebly english speaking.

Another idea is an official website where I can find information. The information I have found this far is somewhat... Questionable :)

Thank you very much! /F, university student from Scandinavia.
4 Jan 2019 #18
@Julia Bar
Hi Would you be interested in marketing property (in North Cyprus) to polish clients?

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