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Buying a restaurant in Poland?

ehsas 1 | 1
15 Aug 2011 #1
hi i am living in spain and i need some information about open cafe o restaurant in poland thanks
pawian 225 | 24,601
15 Aug 2011 #2
I know about one cafe in Krakow which is for sale. It is not far from the center and they are planning to build a highway nearby.

If you are interested, contact the local authorities:
OP ehsas 1 | 1
15 Aug 2011 #3
thanks for answer
is possible in the center?
main street?
granit77 - | 3
28 Sep 2011 #4
this restaurant is also on sale big one look veb site-
Wedle 15 | 490
28 Sep 2011 #5
Wait until the end of 2012, there will be restaurants falling by the wayside come 2013.
Tulio 1 | 1
17 Jul 2012 #6
Merged: Buying a restaurant in Warsaw, is it a good deal?

I am foreigner, I have no experience in running a restaurant and I am seriously analizing the idea of buying a restaurant in Warsaw. I think this is a good idea to invest in. I have seen some restaurants but I have not decided yet. The restaurant I would like to buy offers: pizza, kebab and polish food. I am a bit worry about these: the owner of the restaurant said he has been running it for the last 8 years, but he does not have any historical income information he can provide, he said he has other businesses and he is mixing the incomes... so he does not have any specific monhtly paragon fiskalne for the restaurant. (... so no way to see if the restaurant was profitable in the past). I was in the restaurant for few days and it seem that during summer regular number of people visit it, but I have no idea how it will be during the winter.

I would like to have information from all sides to take my final decision.
Thanks a lot for the information you can provide me!.
jon357 75 | 22,624
17 Jul 2012 #7
he said he has other businesses and he is mixing the incomes...

andouille - | 3
3 Oct 2012 #8
I'm curious as to wether or not you followed through with your business venture here in Poland... I actually have similar hopes for the future, and am looking to gain some experience here in Warsaw.

You should check out my post.. Offering free labor to a local restaurant in Warsaw...

Maybe we can help each other.
9 Oct 2012 #9
Regarding opening a restaurant in are my thoughts.....

1. Do your market research. If you are thinking of buying a place that is currently operating go there at different times and count the sales that go through the till to get an idea of their turnover.

2. Location is key. If you are taking on empty premises then do market research just as above on the other restaurants in the area.
3. keep your costs low..especially rent and salaries of chefs
4. if you have no experience get a job in another restaurant first - see it as paid for training.

Bars or Restaurants in Krakow to buy

Where would be the best place to look with regard to business for sale in Krakow or even space for rent that is centrally located. Also Could someone give me a rough estimate of how much would be required say to invest into a small bar?

allegro often has some good offers, otherwise buy a local copy of anonse. prices vary tremendously.
28 May 2017 #10
I wanted to run a business in Warsaw or surrounding area. If there is any investors, I am able to run the business and also prepare the menu and costing. We have all the menu compiled for Polish market.

Iaal have the chef team.
Please contact me at rs_ilangovan@yahoo

Le bombardier
31 Aug 2017 #11
In Poland , location is key for restaurant , either very touristic or functional for Polish people to come .
Price must be affordable or the Polish people will not come .
Look at finding a place where you can organize buffet for weddings, family events , Baptisms .. thats a large revenue from May to September if the location is great with nice area around to smoke or kids to play .. some bit of greens ...
bunty 1 | 7
24 Oct 2017 #12

I have sent you mail. Please respond on the same.
30 Aug 2019 #13
hi There is a coffee shop in the tourist area of Warsaw for sale

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