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Buying building plot/land for building a house in Poland

Greatdane 1 | -
9 Apr 2019 #1
Hello forum .

I am looking for advice and guidance. I want to buy a plot of land, for the purpose to build a house. There fore I have some questions :)

1. Does anyone know of a guide of the process of buying land for private construction.
2. Does anyone have a 'How to"guide, to obtain planning permission
3. A guide to see if the plot has planning permission ?

Any advice will be helpful

Thank you
Richthecat 8 | 69
9 Apr 2019 #2
Ok so I would not say I am an expert but I have done this so heres is some quick and dirty advice.

You want to be looking for "działka budowlana" this is land which has permission in principle for it to have a hous on it normally it will have some restrictions to it but generally these are flexible. My plot were things like uptp 13m tall max for a house with a roof pitch of 45 degrees and other things but I submitted plans with a roof angle of 50 degrees and it was approved.

Then you want to look at what this land has Electricity, Water, Drainage, Gas etc. Do not believe any seller who promises you that there will be these things we made that mistake and 8 years on we are still waiting for the 2 months time we were promised. If you don't have have these things you can still build a house but facotr in about 30000 for water and drainage. Electricity is a must I think.

The next stage is to get a project you can buy them online and thats cheeper than getting one drawn I would look for someone to help you with the town hall process like an architect the submitting of the papers and planning permission takes about 3 months all told and about 4000 pln for the person to help you.

Then comes the fantastic process of looking for a reliable building company good luck with that one!

There are loads more things to consider.

All depend on the region etc etc

where abouts are you looking to build?
Miloslaw 21 | 4,790
9 Apr 2019 #3
You put me off already.......too much aggro.....
9 Apr 2019 #4
Jeez, what were you expecting?
1 - find land
2 - stick flag in land, it's yours now
3 - start building, eff it, the land's yours, who'll give a ****
4 - grab some wire, hang it on a nearby leccy line - that's power sorted
etc etc
Did you not think that *perhaps* buying land and planting a house on it might, in fact, be quite a challenging process?
Stick to flats mate, better still, tents or cardboard boxes
Niklas - | 10
10 Apr 2019 #5
You should search on internet działka budowlana and check the locations, costs etc and compare with others.

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