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Bank for mortgage in Poland? - I have an excellent credit ratings

vjmehra 16 | 80
21 Apr 2013 #1
Although still a long way off (probably approximately 1 year away), once married, my (soon to be) wife and I are considering moving to Krakow.

I'm self employed, but work remotely, so I won't need to change jobs and will have proof of income etc.

She is a Polish national and will probably look for part time work once (if) we move.

Now the question is, how easy will it be for us to get a mortgage and what % do we need to have saved up in terms of a deposit (I'd like to think we could realistically achieve 30-50% looking at Krakow prices currently)?

In terms of UK credit ratings, mine is excellent and hers is good, so here we wouldn't have a massive problem (other than the fact that some brokers don't like lending to people who are self employed), but I'm not sure how the system works there.
Richfilth 6 | 415
21 Apr 2013 #2
Having just spoken to pretty much every bank on the market, they'll be looking at:

a) proof of continued employment for at least a year
b) average income of earnings over the last six months

and those were the most liberal criteria. Other banks took longer periods to calculate their average, or discounted employment periods of less than two years. However, I have no idea if they'll take into account overseas earnings. If you step off the plane and into a bank, they'll not have anything with which to measure your credit worthiness, and will have to reject you on the spot.

On the other side, most banks only require a 10% deposit, with a few requiring 20%. Citibank openly state on their website "Polish Citizenship Required" so they've obviously had their fingers burnt by overseas investors in the past, so it's worth talking to a mortgage professional now to find out what paperwork they'll want from you in order to grant a mortgage.

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What is the best bank for foreigners buying property in Krakow?

Thank you for asking this question grspring.
After much research on the internet I saw how beautiful Poland is, and I would also like to know if foreigners can buy property in Poland. If it is allowed, which one is the best bank to approach?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
adamm19830 10 | 43
14 Jun 2016 #3
Merged: Best Polish Banks for Mortgage


I am moving to Poland very soon and I would like to know the best banks to obtain a mortgage in Poland. I am British and my wife is Polish, we are both Directors of our own company.

We have employed a tax consultant in Poland and we have been been told the best situation for us regarding our tax setup so the next step is a mortgage.

Thanks in advance.
terri 1 | 1,663
15 Jun 2016 #4
It is very unlikely that any bank will give you a mortgage...You can, of course try and wait for their answer, which will be 'NO'.

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