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Looking for real estate in Poland (away from the 'city')

4 Jan 2015 #1
Hello everyone,

I am Polish born, left the country at the age of 4 as my father left to Canada for a better life... Met my wife (unintentionally) at the age of 17 when visiting my grandparents in Poland, eventually married my polish bombshell, and had a child which is now 10 yrs old...

Fastrack 13 years.... I currently work as a independent money manager. My lifestyle here in Canada is above average, but due to my line of work, my body and health is taking a toll... I want a change, something different.. My wife misses her family dearly on holidays, and I don't really have anything holding me back here other then my mother and brother.

Essentially, I trade for a living and have to be up for the european markets through the US markets (2am-10am) to efficiently achieve and monitor positions. My income is between 10,000-15,000$$ US/Month.

My dream would be to live in a mountain forest terrain, perhaps Zakopane? I love the outdoors, hiking with my dogs, and away from the 'city'.. I can just imagine a picturesque view of the mountains in the background, and the home build on a hill with a beautiful lot... Perhaps a 20-30 minute drive would be nice? Perhaps around a national forest park? Any ideas, Suggestions? My wife and son are on the same page.

I am researching real estate in Poland via OTODOM.PL, but can't pinpoint a specific location.. Would hope to spend the least amount I could, and take advantage of the great deals of polish real estate without having to spend a premium.. As I see decent homes range from anywhere between 300,000zt-1,000,000zt..

Another alternative I see is if we don't like it in Poland, we could move to parts of Ireland/UK if we wished since all 3 of us have Polish citizenship and can live and work abroad in the EU.. English language, and of course 1hr flights for my wife to visit her family in Poland.

InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
4 Jan 2015 #2
and of course 1hr flights for my wife to visit her family in Poland.

Between cities in Poland or from Poland to Britain? Because it's closer to 2 hours or more if the latter depending on where in the UK or Poland you're flying between.

Can't you rent for 6 months and see if you all like it in PL longer term, before committing to The Big Return? I would, if I were you guys.

Btw you're not a troll, I hope and assume, because some things in your post squeak a little. No offence intended.
pigsy 7 | 305
4 Jan 2015 #3
I would suggest take a year off rent a house in Poland and see without making major changes since your kid is 10 and should not miss school also.You can operate on computer from here and keep on earning as well and dont make any drastic changes in canada also.if you like it next year do so.
Marsy101 1 | 24
11 Jan 2015 #4
I'll third that idea of renting initially.

I knew I loved Warsaw (having visited regularly for 3 years prior to moving) but I still felt that renting in the city centre for a year was sensible. It also gave me an opportunity to identify which area of Warsaw I actually wanted to buy a place (fyi, it was not city centre).

Just one issue. Your business must be heavily dependant on a fast, reliable internet connection right? The scale of Poland's broadband connectivity is really impressive because they had an opportunity to adopt that technology much later on. Does anyone know what the op could expect in the sort of rural, mountainous regions he'd like to live?
pigsy 7 | 305
11 Jan 2015 #5
Mountain area by the slovakian border is beautiful.
Marsy101 1 | 24
11 Jan 2015 #6
I've driven through that area into Slovakia a few times, you're right, it's stunning.

But, can anyone comment on what sort of internet connection the op could expect if he was living in rural Poland, near or in the mountains?
Wroclaw Boy
11 Jan 2015 #7
The scale of Poland's broadband connectivity is really impressive because they had an opportunity to adopt that technology much later on.

satellite broadband basically clears that potential problem up.
11 Jan 2015 #8
satellite might not be ideal , there is lots of lag. Rain and snow can be an issue..

And Ideally you want a backup service.
Marsy101 1 | 24
11 Jan 2015 #9
If decent or any broadband services weren't available then I suppose you'd still go for satellite, with your back-up being a mobile data dongle or tethering your phone to your laptop. Far from ideal though given that the very conditions affecting your satellite service would most likely reap havoc with mobile phone reception.
11 Mar 2015 #10
Hi, I want to sell land in north Poland (£eba pomorskie) near the Baltic Sea. A great place for people who value peace, nature and passion devoted to the breeding of horses, angling, etc.. I know a lot good builders who build you house of your dreams. North Poland you can have a lot of proposals from GdaƄsk. I think it is the one of the best places to live. My email
David31 - | 1
16 Mar 2016 #11

I'm going to have business trip in Poland for 2+ months and want to rent an apartment (I will be in Lublin and Gdansk).
The point is that I need receipt from the owner of apartment to give a report to My company (like in hotels provided).

Company is providing hotel, but it is hard to live and eat in hotel 2+ months.

So kindly suggest how to proceed?


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