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Apartments in Poland - do they allow pets?

18 Apr 2016 #1

I've been looking online for apartments and finding it quite difficult to determine if the apartment allows pets. We've got a dog and two cats that we'd be brining with us to Poland and here in Finland almost all apartments allow them so just want to make sure it's similar in Poland.

I've noticed that the property websites don't have filters for things like furnished / unfurnished and pets / no pets which makes it quite difficult to browse suitable places.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Mapsuta - | 7
18 Apr 2016 #2
Many owners of flats write in their ads if if they allow pets or not. However, not mentioning pets in advertisement does not mean pets are allowed. My suggestion is to ask every owner of flat that you like directly. It will help you to avoid misunderstanding.
terri 1 | 1,664
19 Apr 2016 #3
Make sure that any pets are written in the contract that you have. The landlord may ask for more money up-front and at the end of the lease the landlord will charge you for any damage. When asking always tell them what breed the dog is (Yorki or a pitbull) as this may make a difference.

Home / Real Estate / Apartments in Poland - do they allow pets?
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