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Poland apartment hunting for Airline workers

KikiMiha 3 | 3
1 Apr 2010 #1
Just another question about apartments and advice. We moving to Poland for 6 months with a one year old.
Important to us is a close bus route to airport. I like the old town. We've found one nice apartment but the price seems high 4000 PL, one sleeping bedroom, kitchen with a bed, and a large dining room, fully furnished, Wifi, 60m, Królewska 3R 60m. Close to the University. And has a bus route to the airport. However, the apartment is full of furniture and things to break. It doesn't have a balcony (which I would love). I'd also need there to be a food market or grocery store around within walking distance. As we will forgo a car.

Is this acceptable for our needs? I seem to think it is expensive but like the Srodmiescie area. Or is there another area that would work. Bielany?

From previous threads in 2008, I've been fumbling around other links and

Any advice?
Thanks, Kiki
OP KikiMiha 3 | 3
1 Apr 2010 #3
:o) Forgot to mention:
staying in Warsaw from spring to fall.

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