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Is airbnb legal and reliable for renting apartments in Poland?

dany_moussalli 13 | 259
11 Aug 2013 #1
I want to know if is reliable to rent an apartment in Poznan and other polish cities .
vdpvlv 2 | 8
5 Sep 2013 #2
Just used my first time to book appartaments in Warsaw , and it's awesome!
3 May 2015 #4
Merged: Alternative for

Im booking an apartment in Wroclaw and airbnbhas limited offers and is expensive.

Are there any alternatives except wimdu?

3 May 2015 #5
You could check the ads on
3 May 2015 #6
I dont speak Polish :(

I cant read the ads on gumtree nor can i contact the owners.

what can i do?

Another question:

In comparison to Poznan 1 bedroom apartments in Wroclaw are much more: rare, outbooked and expensive then, say, Poznan. Is the supply of apartments in Polish cities in a direct correlation to the amount of Stag-Scum, Sextourist and other foreign retards in the City?
3 May 2015 #7
You could always check out pics and costs then give a phone call. Certainly not as easy as on - but still doable ;)
smurf 39 | 1,966
3 May 2015 #8
booking. sometimes an apartment will appear on both and for different prices
Grey - | 3
19 Oct 2015 #9
Merged: Is airbnb is legal in Poland ?

Hi all, Do you know that renting via is legal or not according to Polish Laws in terms of owners?

20 Oct 2015 #10
Couchsurfacing and hospitalityclub are the free concept that AirnB stole.
11 Feb 2017 #11

TAX on AIRBNB revenue from hosting


Can someone please guide me on the tax implications on the money I get from hosting on AIRBNB? I do not do this to earn extra money, but to cover the cost of room while travelling?

PS: I do not own the room, so i am paying rent for it. If i have to pay taxes is the rent something that can be deducted as an expense?

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