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ADVICE please: Rightful owner of property in Poland? Property Value?

peterweg 37 | 2,319
5 Jan 2012 #31
If it's where I think it is - then it's nowhere near worth $50,000.

Official figures say 4pln per m2 is the maximum in Poland. So 40,000m2=160k zloty around $45k at todays rate. Thats the absolute top whack, if its not the best, its will be worth less.
5 Jan 2012 #32
So, if Poland honors her Will made in the US, she was not a U.S. Citizen, he would still get her portion of the 50% plus his share of the remainder that is to be shared equally. One of my sisters did inquire from an attorney in Poland and he told her that upon both parents being deceased, each child would inherit 1/4 no matter what. I don't know how true that is as she is the one who dealt with the attorney. So if we have her 50% directed by the will to go to him, plus his share, he would have the majority say in what to do with the property? If he sold it, would he need any of the siblings permission to do so and if he did sell it, does he only get to keep his portion of the sale and the remainder is to go to the siblings? or is the money from the sale all to him.

He carefully planned this for the past 10 years. He abandoned the family for 13 years and than in 2001 took our mother to live with him and from day one he started to deplete all her savings she took with her, had her rewrite her will to be the only heir and honestly we take a risk contesting the will here in the states as the court will see that she was of sound mind when she rewrote the will as it was done by an attorney, witnessed, notarized and translated. We have an attorney handling this here in the states but can't see how the courts here would have jurisdiction of property in another country. We don't know what he is planning as he is now asking the court here to turn the estate from informal to formal.

There are just so many issues that we're just attempting to obtain as much information as possible but will eventually NOT fight over this issue as it is what it is. We have our pride and morals, he obviously thinks he is the only child.

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