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Living costs & bills (2 bedroomed flat) in Legnica

samnslon 8 | 22
15 Mar 2010 #1
hello me and my boyfriend have been left a family flat in Legnica and we are planning on moving there but i was wondering how much the living costs are and any bill that need paid? the flat is 2 small 2 bedroomed flat and we are the owners. but i dont know of any other bills what need paid and the average living costs......please anyone help :)
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Mar 2010 #2
how big is it? electric or gas heating?
OP samnslon 8 | 22
15 Mar 2010 #3
its just a small flat with 1 hall, 4 rooms...(kitchen, 2 bedrooms & living room) gas heating. :)
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Mar 2010 #4
how many square meters is it?
OP samnslon 8 | 22
15 Mar 2010 #5
i have no idea.....:(
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
15 Mar 2010 #6
I could make a guess and say it is 55M2.

How old is the building?

It also depends on if it is insulated, you can start with the windows, are they new or old?

Different administrations charge different amounts, it is not possible to give you an exact figure but any more information you can give will get us closer to the real figure.
Wroclaw Boy
15 Mar 2010 #7
A standard Polish three room apartment should be around 65 m2.

Youre heating is most probably gas and provided by the local council, im fairly sure gas payments are staggered throughout the year therefore no extra costs during cold winter months.

Id estimate your utility bills / month at:
gas 200 pln
electric 110 pln
phone 60 pln
internet 50 pln
water - i have no idea but not much

Home / Real Estate / Living costs & bills (2 bedroomed flat) in Legnica
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