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Bydgoszcz - studio/apartments

4 Dec 2014 #1
Hello people!
I'm moving to Bydgoszcz and I am looking for a studio/apartment but the only one I can find on google are ads by people on booking. who rent rooms or apartments per night so you can guess that their pricing per month it's very expensive. Do you know any good site I can visit? My idea would be 600 PLN per month. Hopefully somebody can help, I'm very confused. Thank you.
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Dec 2014 #2
My idea would be 600 PLN per month.

You're not going to find an apartment for that little money. The cheapest studio apartment will cost you about 1000 PLN all inclusive (rent, fees and utilities), and I wouldn't count on finding one even that cheap unless you are lucky and have help from an experienced local.

Here's the link your looking for:

You will need the help of a Polish speaker to find an apartment. You won't manage on your own.

Also, when you see the price of an apartment advertised in Poland, that is not the full price, but only the money that the owner receives. For most apartments, there is also a 300 to 600 PLN property maintenance fee, and utilities cost an additional 200 to 600 PLN, depending on the type of heat.

So if you see an apartment advertised for, say, 800 PLN, that means that the total all-inclusive price will be anywhere from 1300 PLN on up. Beware of leaky windows. They can cost you a fortune for heating. Always visit the apartment with an experience (older) local native, and take their advice.
OP Moving2Byd
4 Dec 2014 #3
Thank you so much. 1000 PLN is ok for a studio.
4 Dec 2014 #4
That is going to be the absolute minimum for something rubbish in a no good part of the city.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
4 Dec 2014 #5
Here you can rent this studio online for 1300pln:
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Dec 2014 #6
1000 PLN is ok for a studio.

That is going to be the absolute minimum for something rubbish in a no good part of the city.

Agree. 1200 PLN is more realistic.
4 Dec 2014 #7
I live in Bydgoszcz since birth,my question is....why on earth you want to move here???I don't want to discourage you I am just curious
Monitor 13 | 1,816
4 Dec 2014 #8
Some IT people got offers from Atos, Bydgoszcz with circa 1 - 2 x national average wage.
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Dec 2014 #9
Bydgoszcz since birth,my question is....why on earth you want to move here???

They don't call it "Brzydgoszcz" without reason. As Monitor said, Atos is hiring Indians by the droves.

circa 2 x national average wage.

Cost of living is significantly higher for foreigners than for natives, so that comparison doesn't mean much. It's still a fraction of what they can earn in the West. 5000 PLN a month is only $20,000 US, and 10,000 PLN is a measly $40,000. On a global scale, those are low wages.
OP Moving2Byd
9 Dec 2014 #10
@WhyohWhy I'm moving there because I had a job offer, I've never been to Poland but it's ok, I'm not scared of the new :)

Ok guys I changed my mind, I'm going to rent a room at least for the first six months then I'll see if I want to rent a whole studio or whatever. If you have any tips feel free to hit me. Thank YOU!!

Also, do you guys think that turning to a real estate agency would be a good move?
Monitor 13 | 1,816
10 Dec 2014 #11
In order to rent room? No, I don't think it's a good idea.
OP Moving2Byd
10 Dec 2014 #12
Why not?
10 Dec 2014 #13
You can also use for tht purpose. But I m sure nothing you can get below 1200zl of searching a studio. Perhaps xan find a good single room with sharing kitchen and utility services..
OP Moving2Byd
10 Dec 2014 #14

Ok let me clarify this because maybe I made some confusion. I am looking for a room in Bydgoszcz not a studio anymore. Since many good sites (such as or are only in Polish I was asking you for some help. Thanks.
DominicB - | 2,707
11 Dec 2014 #15
I am looking for a room in Bydgoszcz not a studio anymore.

Basically, the only way that is going to happen is by asking your coworkers at ATOS if they know if anything is available AFTER you get to Bydgoszcz. If one of your coworkers has a larger apartment with a free room, they might rent it out to you. How much they expect you to pay is their call.

I highly doubt that anyone would rent a room in their apartment to somebody sight unseen, least of all a foreigner.

You don't say how much they are offering you, but if it's not enough to afford 1200 PLN for a studio apartment with, then it's just not worth coming to Poland at all.

Forget about it now for the time being. You sound completely clueless, and clueless people don't last long in Poland. Take a few months or years to learn about working in Poland and how it all works, talk to lots of people from your country who have worked in Poland, and then reapply for the job. Right now, you're not ready, and won't be for a long time.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
11 Dec 2014 #16
Why not?

Because agencies don't deal with it. They rather rent more expensive apartments and don't bother with cheap or rooms. If you want to rent a room before arriving to Poland your only bet is previously mentioned by me Later you can do as DominicB suggested.
OP Moving2Byd
11 Dec 2014 #17
Sir, I came on this forum to know if you lot knew some good sites not to hear your life coach tips. I already lived in other foreign countries and the fact that I changed my mind about the studio doesn't mean that I have no clue, it does mean that other thoughts came to my mind and I'm considering more options. Thank you, stay in your lane.
DominicB - | 2,707
11 Dec 2014 #18
I, and others, have already told you that you are wasting your time trying to nail down an apartment in Poland by looking on the internet or in agencies before you come.

And I told you how to solve the situation, by asking your colleagues at Atos after you arrive.

Which part don't you understand.

And as for the question you didn't ask, but should have, if you are not making at least 4000 PLN net (6000 PLN gross) in Brzydgoszcz, there is absolutely no point in coming to Poland. At that rate, you will be able to survive frugally and won't be able to count on saving anything. That assumes also that you don't drink, don't smoke, don't date, or don't have any other expensive hobbies or habits. Of course, you would not be able to bring your wife or family here on so little money.

If, on the other hand, you are making over 4000 PLN net, then there is simply no point in saving a few hundred PLN a month by getting a room instead of a studio apartment. The increase in savings will almost certainly not be offset by the larger decrease in the quality of living.

I don't know about any other details about your stay, but if you are looking at 1200 PLN for a studio apartment as too expensive for your tastes, then, no matter how much you are making, it is far too little for you to come to Poland.
8 Mar 2019 #19

Looking for a room in Bydgoszcz

I am a student few day here looking for a room in bydgoszcz.

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