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Best residential areas in Wroclaw to live in?

rdhir 6 | 19
31 Jul 2014 #1

I am planning to move to Wroclaw from Warsaw in a couple of months and wanted to know which are the good residential areas to stay. I am looking for newly developed, high class, modern, luxury apartments or houses with covered car parking, kids play areas and shopping facilities.

Any suggestions? Please also suggest some good agencies who I can approach to help find one such place to stay.

Many thanks!
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
31 Jul 2014 #2
Biskupin is probably the best area, but very expensive for houses, some apartments are reasonable but they are high rise blocks usually. The better parts of Biskupin are very green and clean. That area would be my choice if money were no object.

If looking for a rental, I have been unimpressed with most agents. However, if spending big buck$ they may take more interest in which case most will seem fine.
OP rdhir 6 | 19
3 Aug 2014 #3
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
6 Aug 2014 #4
Anytime. I was there again recently and I just love the place. Leafy, convenient, unlike most other parts of Wrocław where there might be greenery but there's aircraft noise or other noise and bustle. Sure it's not perfect, nowhere is. But much of it reminds me of parts of Surbiton or Richmond :) If ever I get a decent income here I'd happily rent or buy in most parts of Biskupin. It just feels like home, although unfortunately it isn't (yet!)... :O)
frd 7 | 1,399
6 Aug 2014 #5
I can concur.. Biskupin is really nice, green and good communication ( though right now . I like the surroundings of the Hallera street near the Grabiszyński park as well.
OP rdhir 6 | 19
7 Aug 2014 #6
thanks again! Thats sounds really nice :)

Does Biskupin have an expat community and international (English) schools and day care center? Any idea how I can go about looks for a place there? Any website or agencies I can contact?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
7 Aug 2014 #7
Does Biskupin have an expat community and international (English) schools and day care center? Any idea how I can go about looks for a place there? Any website or agencies I can contact?

I don't really know much about the smaller community angle there, all I can tell you is there is a big noticeboard at the end of the tram line for tram 2. Lots of info on that board if it's still there, which may give some insight if a Google search doesn't. International schools for children are certainly elsewhere in the city, I don't know about Bis. Hopefully someone else can give some guidance on Bis life.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
7 Aug 2014 #8
I think that there is just few international schools in Wrocław, so gather their addressees and search for apartment nearby if it's important to you.
OP rdhir 6 | 19
8 Aug 2014 #9
Correct, there are a few English schools and most of them are down south - especially the British and American school.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
8 Aug 2014 #10
Yet there are, in my experience, quite a few foreign nationals especially Americans in Biskupin. Whenever I'm there, I always here native English people in shops. S Wroc, not so much.
OP rdhir 6 | 19
9 Aug 2014 #11
that's good to know. thanks!
Wroclaw Boy
9 Aug 2014 #12
I lived in Klecina for a bit - a sub district of Krzyki, nice area. I always found that as soon as you crossed the river heading North it looked a bit 'well' poverty stricken, more so than the South of the city.

The area around Grabiszyńska is not too bad if you're looking for something with fairly cheap rent not too far from the Rynek.
OP rdhir 6 | 19
9 Aug 2014 #13
The area around Grabiszyńska is not too bad if you're looking for something with fairly cheap rent not too far from the Rynek

I am not looking for anything cheap nor something near the center. I am looking for a good residential complex which is probably enclosed and secured with covered parking, play areas for kids within the complex - something similar to Marina Mokotow, Eko park or Nowy Wilanow in Warsaw.

Although my work place is in the centre, I don't mind driving a few kilometres as long as the place is good.
MonaMexico 1 | 4
19 May 2015 #14
Merged: Which area of Wroclaw do you recommend for living?

Good evening,

My husband, my dog and I are planing on moving to Wroclaw in 2016. We would like to rent an apartment on a clean, quiet area, close to parks or gardens so I can walk my dog and exercise, close to public transportation too becouse I don't think we want to buy a car. What area do you recommend that has theese advantages?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Jeff, Chula and Pam.
DominicB - | 2,707
20 May 2015 #15
I lived in Szczepin-Mikołajów and loved it. Anywhere near the Zachodnia or Plac Strzegomska tramstops on Legnicka is ideal. The best place to live in the whole city as far as public transportation is concerned. You even have a train station very conveniently located in the neighborhood. And good shopping. Very quiet, and pet and kid friendly. The buildings may not be the most attractive, but the neighborhood is very convenient, nice and safe. And you can easily walk to the city center.
frd 7 | 1,399
26 May 2015 #17
I'd say somewhere around Park Grabiszynski. You'll get a very nice and quite big park. A pretty big but not too big shopping mall is close by. And there are several trams that go straight to the city centre in ~15-20 minutes.
tandey - | 2
13 Oct 2015 #18
Merged: Place to live with Family in WROCLAW

Hi All
I am new to the forum.
Will be soon moving to Wroclaw by December with family.
Can any one please suggest good neighborhood to live with family near to Galeria Dominikańska.
Also please let me know which broker agency to contact for renting apartment.

Your help will be highly appreciated
14 Oct 2015 #19
Sorry to break the bad news but not really any of them. Although polish are nice kind people, very eager to please, hospitable, they are approximately 20-30 years behind the Western world in terms of most things.
Marsupial - | 880
14 Oct 2015 #20
Plenty of good places in that city!
14 Oct 2015 #21
Hi tandey,
are you looking for a nice house to buy or rent?
maybe you like this one?

best regards and good luck with moving to Wroclaw :)
tandey - | 2
17 Oct 2015 #22

Hi Eniie
Looking for place to rent.
Sabyrall - | 2
8 Dec 2015 #23
Merged: Preferred residential location in wroclaw?

What would be preferred location for expat to stay @ Wroclaw? Considering ease of access to markets/supermarkets/public trans.
Of course not in middle of market/city, may be quiet place meeting above requirements.
Also, does all rent-out apartments are fully furnished?
Recommendation with tentative accom+util charges highly appreciated...

Good day!!
frd 7 | 1,399
10 Dec 2015 #24
Hi Sabyrall,

I'd say most apartments are fully furbished except for the ones aimed at students - these usually have 2 beds per room and are rather spartan in terms of furniture and facilities. That's usually mentioned in the description. In case of the ordinary ones you'll get everything in the flat.

Ogrody Hallera is a nice apartment complex, really nice flats, a big park is very close, medium sized shopping mall and a tram which gets to town's square in ~25 minutes.

The prices are higher in comparison to others. Cheapest flat will be around 2500zł including bills, like this one:

You can find other nice places around Wrocław, especially around Grabiszyński Park. The closer to the city centre you'll get less green areas, but closer to town's squre..

There are much cheaper places for around 2000zł in older buildings as well.
Paritosh 10 | 62
18 Dec 2015 #25
Is stare miasto in Wroclaw has good residential areas as well ?
After living in Lodz for almost two years, I am planning a move and I would like to live close to centrum as winter is coming and I dont want to commute an hour to my work place.
Alltimegreat1 16 | 67
24 Jul 2016 #26
Merged: Nicest areas of Wroclaw

Could someone with knowledge of Wroclaw please tell me what the nicest regions of Wroclaw are? We're looking to move to a neighborhood with nice new houses and/or apartment buildings where the neighbors have good jobs and are family friendly. Ideally, this would be an area with clean air, meaning a very low level of cigarette smoking and wood/coal smoke from neighbors' chimneys and factories. Any ideas?

Is there such a thing in Poland as a non-smoking apartment building where no smoking at all is allowed anywhere on the premises?
mafketis 37 | 10,908
24 Jul 2016 #27
s there such a thing in Poland as a non-smoking apartment building

I have never heard of such a thing and doubt very much that it would exist (though I think Poles are now a little more polite about their smoking than Germans are).

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