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Polish Bank - Mortgage in Foreign Currency

adamm19830 10 | 43
15 Jun 2016 #1

I'm looking for a Polish bank that offer a mortgage in a foreign currency (GBP)

I have spoken to GetIn bank and they do not offer it.

From searching on here I can find old threads where this has been discussed, I just wondered if anyone had any recent knowledge. I am aware of the change that happened earlier this year that made things more difficult.

If anyone knows of a Polish Bank that still offer this please let me know.

polishinvestor 1 | 361
15 Jun 2016 #2
Its going to be very difficult. Banks have got/will get burnt on foreign currency loans and are unwilling to provide them any more, thats the official line. But while the zloty is weak it makes no sense for any bank to give you a loan in eur or chf as there is maybe 20% upside for chf but a 50% downside on a 10 year time frame. Not a risk/reward ratio a bank can accept.

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