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Work permit for Polish married with Indian boy

2 Jul 2012 #1
In september 2011 i got marry to indian boy in India, now he is in Poland, we applayed for his resident visa, we will get decision from goverment on 2cd august. But from same time im thinking to go to india, and work there. What kind of work can i get? Im 18years old, i finish 12 class, i pass Matura. I want live in Delhi or Noida. Can i get work permint? How long time i have to wait for this? What documents do i need to aplay? Wehre? How much can i earn in India? Im polish. All informations are imprtant for me.

sa11y 5 | 331
2 Jul 2012 #2
Some info:
margaretka - | 3
15 Aug 2012 #3
First: You have to graduate - without it you have ZERO chance to get a good job unless you start your own business on your own terms... I would suggest you to study in India as I did and then get a job.

Work permit: Since you are married to an Indian, you can apply for PIO card. The PIO card gives you the automatic permission to work here.

The salary varies upon your experience. It can start from Rs. 7,000(without experience) and go as high as Rs 80,000 (usually for IT).
4 Sep 2012 #4
Hi Amishi,

You will get the Visa and you can work too. You will make an average salary up to 3000 PLN ( 50k INR). You need to pass the degree but that is not mandatory. There are a lot of BPO's & Support industries at Delhi and Noida location. I think your husband will give you detailed information.
bsoumya62 - | 1
31 Jan 2017 #5

Jobs for Polish nationals in India

Hello, I am an Indian staying and working in Poland in a renowned IT company here. I am planning to move to India in the near future with my wife and toddler son who are Polish citizens. I am interested to know is there any job opportunity for my wife in India (in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc). If anyone have similar experience please provide with some information. Thanks in advance.

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