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Looking for Polish Teacher in Abu Dhabi

Comatoze 1 | -
13 Jul 2013 #1

i want to learn polish, i am looking for teacher to help me to learn polish in Abu Dhabi

send me a private message

jon357 63 | 15,061
13 Jul 2013 #2
Try the embassy in Dubai - they have a mailing list of all the Polish residents of UAE who have registered with them. They are sure to know someone in Abu Dhabi.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
13 Jul 2013 #3
Just out of curiosity...why do you want to learn Polish?
12 Aug 2013 #4
Polish lessons online (via Skype) РPolski dla obcokrajowców przez Skype.
Learn and improve your Polish skills with a native Polish speaker staying in Poland!
I believe that Polish lessons should be fun to be efficient, but I am serious about my teaching. I use a lots of multimedia and Internet material, and I try to match using material with student's interests.

I am qualified teacher of Polish and ESL. I am currently teaching Polish students from around the world online. I can provide tailored lessons that will help you develop, practice and improve your Polish conversation, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary or writing skills.

Topics, intensity and frequency of our meetings and amount of homework (included interactive online exercises) depend on your goals and demands. I can help you with preparing to exams, in communication with your Polish girlfriend/boyfriend) or even mother-in-low (!), in preparing to working or studying in Poland. Polish Survival lessons are also available

I speak English, Spanish and Russian – so it can help us to communicate.

I am a good listener, have a lots of patience and like explaining things. I have MA in the field of English Philology and Linguistics. I am also a certified translator from Polish to English (English-Polish)

Test me! The first 30 minute lesson is free of charge! (Students who aren't absolute beginners will be asked to make a placement test before our free lesson).

You get discount on prepaid packages of 5 or 10 lessons.

You can pay in Euro or other currency via PayPal:

(prices in Euro currency are a bit higher because of additional taxes imposed by the European Union)

1 lesson - 17 EUR
5 lessons packege - 16 EUR x 5 lessons
10 lessons packeage - 15 EUR x 10 lessons

All Elearning materials are included in lesson's fee:)

To schedule a test lesson with me, please send a message to polishenglishtool@gmail or use Skype: polishenglishtool and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to your message.
31 Oct 2013 #5
Hahahahahahahaha! Are you joking Milena? With this price? I had lessons of polish for 8 Euro in Poland. Hahahahahahaha

jon357 63 | 15,061
31 Oct 2013 #6
How much???

That's expensive, especially since they aren't even lessons - just something over Skype done by someone sitting at home.

And 'taxes imposed by the European Union'. What's that about? The European Union doesn't collect tax.

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