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Ever been to Sweden?

11 Aug 2015 #91
@not_polish. How enlightened of you. Not a big fan of lgbt rights i guess. So Poland is to conservative for you liking, but Sweden is to progressive.
11 Aug 2015 #92
I don't care if guys want to butthump each other. You swedes just take it to another level than I'm used to seeing.

Either way, poland is not 'conservative' its subterranean - there are many gays here, but they are hidden.
11 Aug 2015 #93
I don't care if guys want to butthump each other. You swedes just take it to another level than I'm used to seeing.

Well we are more open minded than you Americans
Dougpol1 32 | 3,245
11 Aug 2015 #94
there are many gays here, but they are hidden.

Not in Trojmiasto! :) The city of PO and liberalism. Otherwise known as normal life - that's why I like it so much. It is atypical of Poland, or the young make it so.

A lot of their grandparents were cleansed from what is now Bielorussia, so I suppose it's that Fred the Great influence again :)
11 Aug 2015 #95
Player1: Don't fall into the Not_polish trap, he is not an American..
11 Aug 2015 #96
Well we are more open minded than you Americans...

More open-buttcheaked too.
11 Aug 2015 #97
Oh dear not_polska that's not a nice thing to say to someone, can I ask how old you are
11 Aug 2015 #98
More open-buttcheaked too.

Perhaps. So what?
11 Aug 2015 #99
Well you can attack me all you want my gay friend but who will you effeminate gay swedes come to when you need defense against muslims that rape and kill you?

Of course you will need masculine people to do it for you.

Sweden is the only country in the world where there are gay rape clinics.

I guarantee you that Polish people as well as me will not help your people stop islamization, because you are so weak its pathetic.
Slavictor 6 | 195
26 Mar 2018 #100

Diversity in Sweden - Polish Womans' Experience

Sweden has been devastated by forced migration. 95% of these cases are committed by individuals not native to that country. This is a good lesson to learn.

"It's been a year since two young Arabs raped Agnieszka Wiƛniewska in Sweden. She now has decided to tell her story. She says the police did not even attempt to solve the case and she had to wait 11 months for a psychologist to help her overcome the trauma...",368737,szwecja-nie-zostalam-zgwalcona-jako-kobieta-zost
jon357 66 | 16,952
26 Mar 2018 #101
I recently met a young Pole at our local Swedish Seamen's Church

Strong links between the two countries; since the Potop Szwedzki, and of course many families have for decades had a foot in both camps.
Wulkan - | 3,250
26 Mar 2018 #102

Terrible news, Sweden is quickly dying country, but it's not North Korea, they have democracy so they voted for their misery themselves so most people just laugh at them, here is Denmark laughing at them on the TV... hilarious :-)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
26 Mar 2018 #103
Sweden is quickly dying country

Actually, it consistently rates as one of the best countries to live in, but never mind, let right wingers believe their fairy tales :D
jon357 66 | 16,952
26 Mar 2018 #104
I doubt they even believe that tripe themselves. It is indeed an amazing country, with a very well-functioning social system, a rich culture and a thriving democracy.

Plenty of Poles move to Sweden for a better life; I don't see a horde of Swedes queueing at the port desperate to move to Poland.
Wulkan - | 3,250
26 Mar 2018 #105
Actually, it consistently rates as one of the best countries to live in

In papers like NYT or Washinton Post :-))))

I don't see a horde of Swedes queueing at the port

Maybe you should go to the port first before you say what you see :-)))
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #106

So you have absolutely 0 compassion for a young girl who was raped because such crimes committed by asylees is contrary to your world view. ****ing coward.
jon357 66 | 16,952
27 Mar 2018 #107
Mercer's city guide places Stockholm in the top 30 cities in the world to live in.
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #108
Where does it rank Malmo's 26 grenade attacks, and its 3,000 strong "Death to Jews" parade? Lovely people.
jon357 66 | 16,952
27 Mar 2018 #109
Malmo also scores quite well. It's a very nice place; I was there in the autumn visiting my cousin who lives just outside the city. I didn't see any fascist parades or grenade attacks, and she didn't feel the need to mention anything like that in the neighbourhood.
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #110
I didn't think you would be disingenous enough to tout your cousins anecdotal evidence over actual reporting of facts. I thought we might be operating on a level of intellectual mutual respect, but I guess I was wrong and you value your ideology over that of facts and evidence which might call that into question. I'm disappointed.
jon357 66 | 16,952
27 Mar 2018 #111
your cousins anecdotal evidence

My own even, and this isn't a debate. I enjoyed my visit there, will certainly go again (as I've been before) and no 'ideology' has any part in that; just a nice stay in a nice city.

Unpleasant demonstrations by ultra-conservative malcontents can occur anywhere. Most people neither watch them nor take any interest.
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #112
Yes because what Europe needs after a dark history with one of the single worst anti-semetic event in history, is to import thousands of people who all share an ultraconservative ideology and whose religion tells them to "kill the Jew wherever you find him"(actual quote from their book). That is the overarching point, one of bigger policy, and that you would he hard pressed to find ANY of them from MENA countries who don't share anti-semetism in common, supported by Pew Research polls, some of the most reliable and nonpartisan in the world.
jon357 66 | 16,952
27 Mar 2018 #113
This is all quite odd. The thread's about people's visits to Sweden, as the title suggests. Suddenly, years after the last post it has suddenly been reinvented as an immigration thing, something discussed to exhaustion in numerous other threads.

Next time someone posts a cake recipe, someone else will appear and say "but Muslims..."
Joker 2 | 1,717
27 Mar 2018 #114
d. The thread's about people's visits to Sweden, as the title suggests

It is totally relevant to a person that is looking for information pertaining to their vacation.

I would want to know where all the terrorist hot spots and fascist parades are being held as well.

Im sure multiculturalism has been taking a big bite out of the European tourist industry.

Who the hell in their right mind would want to take a vacation, basically what has become nothing but an overpriced dump?

The Carribbean is much nicer and cheaper without the PC riff-raff
TheOther 5 | 3,758
27 Mar 2018 #115
"Death to Jews" parade? Lovely people.

Lovely people like these?
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #116
Their reprehensible behavior does not excuse another groups reprehensible behavior (but keep constructing straw man arguments in true anti-intellectual fashion). I think the distinction that I'd make is that most of us in the western world condemn these 'master race' idiots, but those from MENA countries endorse the sort of things that are said in the below video. I actually care about protecting our Jewish friends from persecution and marginalization in Europe and around the world. You seem rather more concerned with your agenda.

I'm sorry that the Pew Research center (the gold standard in polling, accepted by all as non-partisan) conducted research which proves quite contrary to your world view. Facts do not care about your feelings.
mafketis 24 | 9,348
27 Mar 2018 #117
Lovely people like these?

That chant was largely caused by public intellectual jews (Bill Kristol, Brett Stephen) calling for the white working class in the US to be replaced with immigrants in the previous months.

The march and chant was a bad idea but it didn't come out of nothing....
jon357 66 | 16,952
27 Mar 2018 #118
all the terrorist hot spots and fascist parades

"All the"?

You would do better to look at your country's official travel websites; they issue travel warnings if there is a particular issue.


There are more travel warnings for the Caribbean region than for Europe, and Sweden is considered a safe and attractive place for tourism.

I wonder how many of those posting disingenuous scare stories have spent much time recently in Sweden...
SigSauer 4 | 413
27 Mar 2018 #119
Disingenuous in what way? Is the litmus test to cite facts from journalistic stories that we need to visit all 190 countries on Earth to be able to opine on them? That seems rather ridiculous doesn't it. You and other members on here have commented on the Syrian conflict, does that mean you have to visit Eastern Ghouta to know that you don't want to go there? Jon, its ok for you to concede that these things did indeed happen, I wouldn't consider Sweden a lost country on the State Departments travel warning list, we are just discussing a new reality in SOME parts of Sweden, no one said "all." Taking statements of fact out of context to suit your own argument, and more importantly to suit your biased agenda, THAT is disingenuous. I am sure that Stockholm is a beautiful place, and that Sweden is a relatively safe country, but these events are not fabrications as far as I can tell, and they are worth discussing and deserve your attention. Denigrating a victim of rape is absolutely disgusting simply because it lends some evidence to the fact that a percentage of people being given asylum in European countries are not nice people, who have never should be let in in the first place. It doens't mean that asylum must end, just that perhaps the number of people admitted, and the screening process for admitting them should be revised. Must you be such an absolutist in your ideology that you will ignore credible victims of rape, grenade attacks, and 'Death to Jews' rallies to suit your own agenda? That's disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. Worse still, people that share your ideology and those who actually matter with their hands on the levers of power, will continue to fuel a resurgent far right-wing in Europe. We are lucky at the moment, we simply have right-of-center governments taking power across Europe. However, keep doubling down on stupid and it remains to be seen whether you will not push that marker into areas of the right we would all rather not see.
Lyzko 29 | 7,235
27 Mar 2018 #120
The Jews remain the ever-popular scapegoat because they typically stand out and often steadfastly refuse to compromise, particularly the Orthodox.

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