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Any polish restaurants or stores near Amsterdam??

BornInTheUSA 2 | 41
26 Jun 2007 #1
We used to have a small polish store but it closed down - wasn't too good anyway, but being there are a great number of polish people emigrating here to the Netherlands, does anyone know of a decent polish deli or restaurant (preferably a store or deli) here in Holland? I'm almost out of my Tesco kielbasa (don't laugh - it's good!) and while I have a big enough kitchen to make pierogie, I really don't have the patience... ;)
beckski 12 | 1,617
26 Jun 2007 #2
kielbasa (don't laugh - it's good!)

Where to find Kielbasa in Amsterdam? Hmmm... I don't know. But I've heard there's plenty of other saugage available there!
OP BornInTheUSA 2 | 41
26 Jun 2007 #3
I'll take that as a compliment!
But I live 30 minutes south of the city - you'll have to have it on a bun... ;)
petervs 3 | 12
17 Sep 2007 #4
There is a Polish shop in Aalsmeer.
26 Oct 2007 #5
there is one in Amsterdam and they most probably have everything and more than you want. they are also very nice people who serve my non polish husband regularly and they can even order things for you if they dont have it and you know what you want. Here is the address: Van Woustraat 182-D, 1073LZ Amsterdam. Good luck and enjoy:)
askibinski - | 5
5 Nov 2007 #6
Hi!, we have put all Polish shops in the Netherlands on (google)map right here:

The whole site is in Polish and targeted on Poles who are living and working in the Netherlands and trying to get around in this country.

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to leave a reply on the site, or here of course.

PS. sorry if the link isn't clickable, apparantly the forum thinks I might be a spammer so you will have to copy-paste it for yourself.
Fruleux - | 1
4 Dec 2009 #7

I am leaving in Amsterdam and I am french. I would like to learn polish for personal reasons but I can't find any teacher with reasonable prices. Everything I find is about 40 euros/hour. Thus I would like to know if you know some polish people leaving in Amsterdam willing to teach polish to a motivated beginner?

Thank you very much
13 Apr 2010 #8

would you still like to learn some polish?
I am experienced polish teacher- I have been teaching foreigners for 3 years.
I'm currently staying in Haarlem- studying and could use some extra money.
I can do it for half the market price.

Amsterdamka - | 1
10 May 2010 #9
Hi Fruleux

If you are still interested, I can give you polish lesson. I have been teaching people before. Price negotiable + location: Amsterdam

8 Jun 2013 #10
hi we have polish shop in amsterdam if you want you can text me or call me thanks

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