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Procedure for obtaining a student visa at the Polish embassy in New Delhi?

25 Nov 2013 #1
intend to do master degree in polland but i get struck becoz i don't procedure for get student visa in polland embassy in New delhi....plz anyone suggest me visa agents

peterweg 37 | 2,309
25 Nov 2013 #2
Try learning how to spell. Poland is not spelt 'polland', for instance.

Neither plz or plzz or words in English.

Why are you asking for help here, surely you will get more assistance in New Delhi?
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Nov 2013 #3
intend to do master degree in polland but i get struck becoz

Your English is not good enough for you to be able to study at the graduate level in Poland, or any other country. Not by a long shot. It's just not going to happen, and trying to get a visa is a complete waste of time. Your only option for doing a masters at this point is in your own language in your own country. Sorry.
Wlodzimierz 4 | 539
25 Nov 2013 #4
I'd have to agree here with DominicB, johny31! Indeed, you really ought first learn/brush up on your Polish before murdering the English languageLOL
25 Nov 2013 #5
Looks to me like the OP was using "texting" rather than regular English when composing the post.
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Nov 2013 #6
No. Regardless of spelling, the OP's English is sorely inadequate (pre-intermediate at best). He has years of English learning to do before he is anywhere near capable of pursuing graduate studies in English. He would not be able to understand a high-school level textbook at the moment, and would struggle even with elementary school textbooks. Reading, and comprehending, several hundred pages a day of dense graduate-level scholarly English is far beyond his level.
Paritosh 10 | 62
26 Nov 2013 #7
Basically basic or just perfectly imperfect?

Do you think you are the only people who use correct form of English?

Hello Johny

Please go through this link
Contact embassy if needed to.

26 Nov 2013 #8
hai even im applying for feb intake....which course are u applying for??? you got the offer letter??
OP johny31
6 Dec 2013 #9
english is just a language and not a skill....but you people criticizing me and its sounds awful for me
DominicB - | 2,707
6 Dec 2013 #10
english is just a language and not a skill.

It's an essential skill for any graduate student.

its sounds awful for me

Your graduate studies are going to be an awful experience if you do not know English well. How do you think you are going to do your research? And write up your thesis? And communicate with your professors and fellow students?
rickognition - | 4
4 May 2015 #11
Merged: Poland Embassy in Delhi - any good/bad experiences?

Hello everyone!
I am a student from India travelling to Poland this summer with an NGO for an unpaid internship, the expenses covered by my father who is self-employed. I was hoping to get any relevant info regarding a tourist visa to poland specific to my case like:

- Documents required for the visa
-Processing time in general
-any good/bad experiences with the embassy in Delhi
Any help would be highly appreciated.
17 Mar 2016 #12
Merged: How to Find Appointment for Visa application in New Delhi (INDIA)

I am interested about study in Poland infect I have got Final admission letter from a polish University .But i could't make visa application from Delhi because of No appointment.I have been checking this page since January and still showing "lack of available date* .If the situation is like this than ,how can people make application .

Please suggest me ,if anyone know how to deal with this situation . E mail many time to delhi consulate But no Reply .

anyone can try it (it same all year - NO DATE IN DELHI) -

HI Admin, You Marged my topic with this guy and change the Heading than Now the subject has changed .I did not looking for procedure i am looking for problem solving .

Whenever you mark ,you should highlight new topic .
indeara21 - | 1
11 Apr 2016 #13
Merged: I need a help to apply for a Student Visa for Poland. Information needed !

I need a help to apply for a Student Visa for Poland. Actually, i am doing graduation in some reputed University in India & want to go Poland to complete my research on my topic but am not sure about the place to visit & reside as few parts are very expensive & out of my reach. I searched on internet & found microburbs site ( which have very unique & useful data but still need more information about it to plan better. Best preferable chances to apply for the same would be around May-June.... Hoping positive guidance on my issue.... Regards !
24 Jun 2016 #14
Guys, I am just unable to get an appointment date from Polish Embassy! What should I do?
CONSULAR section is not picking my calls and neither Embassy,!
It feels like I am in hell!
Please guys help me out.
3 Jan 2017 #15

How to check stamping slots for Polish Embassy in India ?

I am looking for any information on getting stamping slots for visiting Poland on a national work visa.
Please point out any relevant consulate links .
autumn_09 - | 1
2 Oct 2018 #16

Please help regarding National Visa at the Embassy of Poland In New Delhi


I'm trying to make an appointment for National Visa D, but not getting a single date for the same. Everytime it shows lack of available dates. I'm trying very hard from past 2-3 weeks at the designated dates (Tuesday and Friday) and time (3 pm).

Please help if there are any ways to get an appointment.

Thank you
DominicB - | 2,707
2 Oct 2018 #17
You just have to keep trying on your own. There are no other ways. Anyone who offers you any "help" in getting an appointment is a scam artist who just wants to steal your money. No one can help you. Your the only one who can get an appointment for yourself.
soham123 - | 1
19 Oct 2018 #18
Hello !!

Try to have a fast internet, while you are booking the appointment.
Manu Nayak
6 Nov 2018 #19
Hi All,

I needed your help and guidance. I have got a work permit/ Invitation from a company In Poland and now it's been a month and not getting appointment dates as whenever i check on the said days which is Tuesday and Friday at 3.00pm always it shows full and automatic it moved to next dates after a week or 2. Is there any alternative of it. I wrote to Poland embassy and they wrote back that i need to keep on trying but EVERYDAY 100 times i try and especially on the said days but till now no luck.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.
sroy82 - | 1
15 Nov 2018 #20

Poland Work Visa Appointment Date Availability Problem India New Delhi

Hello Members,

I am from India and have got a valid work permit to join a company in Poland but I am facing difficulties in getting a National Work Visa appointment date from Polish Consulate in New Delhi India through their online system.

I would like to hear from people in this forum who are currently facing similar issues to get appointment date and would like to get advice and discuss for any way forward.

Swati - | 6
15 Jul 2019 #21

Poland visa application form- New Delhi

Can I amend the national visa application form since I have entered my occupation details incorrect for New Delhi Consulate Poland?
bijarniamanish - | 1
10 Sep 2019 #22

I have got a visa appointment but i done a mistake while filling up the form for delhi embassy .please help me

I clicked to diplomatic passport rather than to ordinary one . Please help me
Atch 20 | 4,161
10 Sep 2019 #23
If you didn't complete the application you can probably just 'x' out of the site and start the process again. Otherwise, do they have a help/customer support option?
akt 3 | 10
15 Sep 2019 #24

Visa appointment at Polish embassy, Delhi via email


Is it possible to get visa appointment at Delhi embassy for highly skilled worker by email?
I am trying to get appointment online, but difficult to open the website. Is there any way to get visa appointment?

DominicB - | 2,707
16 Sep 2019 #25
Is it possible to get visa appointment at Delhi embassy for highly skilled worker by email?

The only way to get an appointment is on the website. Emails are ignored and erased without even being read.

Yes, it is difficult to get an appointment. All you can do is keep trying. It may take weeks or even months, just don't give up. Slots disappear within minutes of being posted, so make sure you are on the site at the right times.

Nobody can help you. If anyone says they can, they are a scam artist that will just steal your money and give you nothing.
akt 3 | 10
18 Sep 2019 #26
Thanks DominicB!!

Polish embassy website is very frustrating, not able to open most of the time. I don't know how people get appointment.
Is it correct that slots get opened 3 PM Tuesday and Friday? or Any other day slots get opened?
Do I need to get separate appointment for my wife? Or can we go together with a single appointment ?

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