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Problem with approving legal capacity in Manila, Philippines

adam1415 1 | -
24 Jul 2012 #1
Hello there
I was very happy to marry the woman (Filipina, lives in Manila) i truly love.. Our dreams have been shattered cause there is no authority in Philippines that can issue a legal capacity (I'm Polish, I was told over the phone in polish consulate in Philippines that they can't issue such document and the nearest one is in Kuala Lumpur, but then again... how long it will take to issue). I thought that legal capacity issued here in polish consulate in the UK will be valid. Nope.. No City Hall would accept it. So far the the best advice was to bring it to the Department of Foreigner Affairs in Pasay City but it means waiting forever for an approval (or whatever they' re gonna do). I would appreciate any advice that can help us sort this problem.. Cause I am seriously start thinking of getting UK fiancee visa for Lyn...Thanks.

If fiancee visa will be the only one option how much saving should I have for an application to be approved?
25 Jul 2012 #2
Hi Adam,

Are you trying to marry in the Philippines that is why you are needing this Legal Capacity document?

Based on my husband's experience, you can obtain the Legal Capacity in the Civil State Office (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) in Poland, appropriate to your place of birth, in our case, it is in Wroclaw.

Eventually, this document will be written in Polish so you would have to have a certified translation to English. Obtaining the document via any embassy or consulate will be slower.

This is how we got the Legal Capacity as a requirement for the marriage license in the Philippines.

Good luck,

3 Jul 2014 #3
Hi everyone. . I'm getting married to filipinach this September. .. but the problem is we need to get the legal capacity to married... I already contacted to polish consulate in manila but as they said they don't issue any documents there.. so my question is how we can get it if we can't get it there?.. we have no much time coz I booked my holiday already and I'm gonna stay there only 25 days... is engine out there who has the same problem... Please for help.. Thank you

Ayhanna17 - | 1
2 Feb 2018 #4
Hi.good day. What are the requirements to get legal capacity in poland my boyfriend and i plan to get married last january but since he has no legal capacity we postponed the wedding in september. Im a filipina he is from poland. Thank you to antone who can answer me.

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