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Poles once again racially abused in the Netherlands

8 Feb 2012 #1
Problems with Poles? Report them to us, says new PVV website

According to media reports, the Polish embassy in the Netherlands is 'not pleased' with the initiative. 'Insulting party initiatives do not contribute to calm discussion,' a spokesman is quoted as saying in the AD.

Last year, the Polish ambassador to the Netherlands Janusz Stanczyk said the attitude to people from eastern Europe 'borders on discrimination'.

Notice how they call Poles Eastern Europeans and put them together with Romanians and Bulgarians..

notice the word 'archives' in the link. we have done this before. please search the threads before posting. thank you..

Hey mod, why did you change my link? It's not archive. This article is from today but I can't paste it properly

http:/ / www .dutchnews .nl/news/archives/2012/02/problems_with_poles_report_the.php
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
8 Feb 2012 #2
http:/ / www .dutchnews .nl/news/archives /2012/02/problems_with_poles_report_the.php

it's from last year. read the article again.
8 Feb 2012 #3
It must be a fresh news. I'm just reading about it in Polish media.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
8 Feb 2012 #4
It looks like Slavia has given a link to an older story about the same country.
OP slavia
8 Feb 2012 #5
In polish news:,1,5021 263,wiadomosc.html
8 Feb 2012 #6
In polish news:

Yes but you provided a wrong link to this Dutch site - it's not the news about PVV website.
milky 13 | 1,657
9 Feb 2012 #7
Henk Kamp even called for jobless Poles to be deported, even though this is impossible under EU rules.

Is this not further proof of how society should not allow the industrial elite to decide on emigration policy. In boom times, the business world was crying out for cheap labor, surprise surprise, anyone who spoke against them were accused of racism or being opposed to free-market progress;or simply 'progress'.

The national boundaries of countries need to be respected as they 'exist', if you just ignore them for short term gain; well, then you will need to deal with sh1t from Kamp and camp. I think the 'right' and the 'castrated left' are both guilty in relation to the sloppy emigration laws within the EU.

Reminds me of peter Griffith and the his slogan: "If you want a nig*er for a neighbour, vote Labour"
His conservative buddies where crying out for foreigners a few years earlier to provide much needed labor in post-war Britain. I think the king made a speech asking people to come to the UK.

There is a lot of anger now as predicted,with Poles abroad, living on social welfare that his twice as a high as they would get for working in Poland. I know people need to look at things in context and with an open mind but......Joe and paddy mind??
archiwum 13 | 125
13 Feb 2012 #8

This would never happen in the United States. I'm trying to figure out
why some europeans hate other europeans. They care about the poles,
but not arabs, or africans.

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