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What About The Poles In The Netherlands?

mafketis 25 | 9,341
15 Nov 2015 #91
What to do with Poles in Holland?

Poles are better in-migrants in Europe (including the Netherlands) than muslim groups. They're sometimes involved in petty crime but no terrorism and they go on welfare at lower rates than muslim groups.

Sensible policy that would benefit the citizens of the Netherlands (including muslim ones) would be to drastically limit muslim in-migration as they mostly don't carry their weight.

Religion is considered only as a private matter in France

So it would be impossible for groups to block traffic for public prayer in violation of the law.... oh, wait
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Nov 2015 #92
@Maf: don't you have more serious sources than "youtube"???? Yes, it is illegal and should be banned (as a matter of fact, it IS in most places but of course you see the exceptions, including a lot of "montages" in "youtube"' and consorts). It is also illegal to show religious signs but some of them wear "muslim" clothes. As it is illegal, maybe judges should be stricter....

What does it have to do with ... Poland???
mafketis 25 | 9,341
15 Nov 2015 #93
Another reason to not allow large scale muslim migration to Poland since muslims like taking up public space with their prayers. Ta da!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Nov 2015 #94
@Maf: for the last time, a piece of advice! Travel and see places instead of relying on "Youtube" BS. I have personally NEVER seen anything of the sort because it is most (fortunately) marginal. Anyway, most of those who call "muslims" are secular or even atheist in France. Officials estimate that only ... 15% of the French (ALL religions put together) do regularly practice a religion so you see, it's purely anecdoctic but of course since you don't know, you believe any bs found on the net.
Levi 12 | 450
15 Nov 2015 #95
I have personally NEVER seen anything of the sort because it is most (fortunately) marginal.

Have you ever been to Birmingham?
mafketis 25 | 9,341
15 Nov 2015 #96
a piece of advice! Travel and see places instead of relying on "Youtube" BS.

Do you have any evidence that the video (just one example) is fraudulent? Or are you playing argument from authority and conveniently disregarding any information from sources that displease you or conflict with your fossilized world view?

I have personally NEVER seen anything of the sort

This is the mentality that is leading the EU into ruin. If I've never seen it that means it doesn't exist! If it doesn't affect me, then it doesn't affect anyone!
15 Nov 2015 #97
Have you ever been to Birmingham?

In the UK? Although what this has to do with Poles in Netherlands I have no idea.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Nov 2015 #98
@Maf: 1. why are so so obsessed? 2. when I say that I have NEVER seen it, I mean it's so anecdotic it is exceptional to see it. If you check (you are so obsessed, not normal), you'll find out that only some 15% of the French practice a religion, and catholicism is of course no.1, I seriously doubt that you see that everyday and everywhere in France - pure common sense. But of course, you don't speak French, you have never lived in France but you know better than those speaking the language and living there for at least several générations.

Case closed! If you are so obsessed, may be you should consult shrink;

@Chem: you know very well, that these trolls know better because they have seen it in Youtube or in their local tabloïds.
31 Jul 2019 #99
I saw quite a many Polish license plate cars in Tilburg. I used to live there. Also in Wageningen, but there were more Czechs there. Anyone who lives/has lived there?

I liked how green the Netherlands is but they don't like Eastern/Central Europeans there much. Strangely they accept people of much different cultures that just abuse the wellfare system, but it's their choice. If you want warmer people and similar lush green country, go to Ireland! :)
Lyzko 30 | 7,399
31 Jul 2019 #100
Traditional Dutch tolerance has been strained of late.
Surinamese along with other non-white, native Dutch speakers, have been as much a staple in the modern urban Netherlands, practically as African-Americans in most major urban Northeast areas of the US.

Poles, Russians, non-Dutch speakers though, often with what is perceived as poor English (let alone DutchLOL) have indeed been brusquely marginalized, seen as untrustworthy Black Marketeers who syphon off the state.

Now non-white, NON-native Dutch speakers NOT from former colonies such as Muslim immigrants, probably bear the cruelest brunt of the collapse of Dutch tolerance. Just look at the late Theo van Gogh.
mafketis 25 | 9,341
1 Aug 2019 #101
Yes, the bastard van Gogh, getting a poor defenseless Moroccan immigrant thrown in prison...
Lyzko 30 | 7,399
1 Aug 2019 #102
As I say, countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, historical bastions of "Christian" tolerance are simply fraying at the edges right now,
and misguided policies bending over backwards to frequently lazy or ungrateful new arrivals sure doesn't help matters any.

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