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Poland tourist visa inquiry for Philippines?

angelf 1 | 1
13 Nov 2012 #1
Hello..Im Rubie from the Philippines.i have a polish fiance and his family is inviting us(my Daughter) to visit poland. We have a 4 months old daughter.We suppose to get married here in the Philippines but the polish consulate here in the philippines doesnt issue the legal capacity to get Married.You need to go to kuala lumpur as nearest embassy to ask their assistance butt it takes time .So i plan to apply visit visa to poland and get married there and after that well have to process as well the citizenship our daughter in his place.. My questions are

- is it ok to apply tourist visa then get married there considering all my docs for marriage are complete?
-is 90 days tourist visa is enough for this matter?
-if ever we couldnt get married right away with in 90 i have to leave with my daughter out of poland or extend my stay?how to do it?

After we get married in poland,am i legal to stay with my hubby together with our daughter?do i have to apply any permit to stay with him?

-i will go to poland with my daughter ,does she need invitation letter as well ?or shes included in my invitation letter.

hop e you can give me some advice... thANKS IN ADVANCE
pspgmr6 - | 9
20 Nov 2012 #2
Hi Rubie, you can ask some fellow pinoys married to polish nationals thru
wang - | 19
21 Nov 2012 #3
Or student visa it's also a option ? maybe not the best one :)
sagit79 - | 1
22 Jan 2014 #4

Can you provide again some FB link please. This one is not working anymore.

mcm1 2 | 81
22 Jan 2014 #5
The short and quick answer is NO you cannot get married in Poland/Europe if you have a tourist visa.
To do so might have you returned to country of origin and a 10 year ban from trying to enter Europe.
31 May 2016 #6
Merged: Filipina fiancee visa application to Poland

Hi everyone.. My boyfriend is originally from Poland. Currently, we are living in Philippines, but we always go around Asia and PH to travel. I can work remotely so the traveling isn't really a problem to me.

Recently, we planned to pause traveling for a while and save to move to Poland so both of us can work since it's hard for him to find a job here. Our goal would be going there at 2017-2018.

Right now, I'm still researching on this matter, but I just want to ask, are there any Filipina out here who have similar experience? Did you get an agency for your visa processing? How long did it took you? Any answers and help would be highly appreciated. Thank you all and have a good day!
18 Sep 2017 #7
hello goodevning im from pilippines i have bf from poland then he decided me to get married me by nxtyear at january..and i want to go and visit early at poland problem is How can i get a visa wright away..i want to know all recquirements early for the visa...plsss kindly help me..thank you..
18 Sep 2017 #8
what kind of recquirements for poland visa..
pls give me step by step i.want to know clear..because this is my first time to get a visa..plsss help me nmn po..

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