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Polish people working in Germany after studying in Poland, what salary do you get?

patrik 6 | 14
19 Mar 2013 #1
In certain European countries, polish people are still seen as cheap labor, unfortunately. I was wondering what is the situation of polish people who have gotten an education in Poland and who are working in Germany after graduation in an area related to what they studied. Which salary are you getting? are you getting the same as a German with a similar education? or indeed german companies offer lower wages for polish people?
19 Mar 2013 #2
Patryk, having lived in Germany myself (although American, not Polish!), I'd say the issue's more whether competitive salaries at German companies are even available to would-be Polish top managers, academics, IT specialists etc. Frankly, what I've observed, German positions of this sort are usually given preference to German nationals, rather than to Poles. Yes, sadly Polish "import" labor is still regarded in many industries as "Billigloehner" (lowballers), ready, willing,and able to underbid any German or Northern European, even Turks, Greeks or Italians!

I'm certainly not suggesting that there's NO change in thinking, only, that, as in elsewhere within German society, the wheels of change grind ever so slowly:-)

So as not to appear completely discouraging, I know of one case where a Polish engineer actually applied from Poland for a rather well-paying position with Siemens, Muenchen. He got the job! The problem was that his language skills weren't commensurate, furthermore (being over fourty!), his English skills were minimal, though he knew Russian fluently:-) The company decided to give him a FREE language training after hours and the last time we communicated, he could say alot more than merely "Guten Tag!"

Yes, such success stories show that there IS hope yet. Statisically though, I couldn't say if such cases are common or notLOL
grubas 12 | 1,390
19 Mar 2013 #3
Lyzko,Lyzko you and your stories.Here:from assembly worker to plant manager (highest position in company available to non family members) in 4 (!) years.He later quit because he wanted to become company chairman but this position was/is reserved for members of Auswarter family only.
19 Mar 2013 #4
So? What happened to him after?
grubas 12 | 1,390
19 Mar 2013 #5
Started his own company

I guess they made him plant manager because he was cheaper than some Turk.LOL
20 Mar 2013 #6
Guess so, Grubas!
You and your stories^^^

Apropos,... Too many a good story's been ruined by oververificationlol
Thanks for the site, by the way:-)

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